Unique diorama controllers for Xbox and Switch spice-up your gaming rituals

Video games traverse you to an alternate reality for a brief period. Everything else blurs out as you get lost in the character’s might, aided by the new generation of gear and technologies that make gaming pure fun. A gaming controller is one such accessory that elevates the whole experience of glory in an alternate reality.

Accessories retailer PDP Gaming wants to make you experience the unique side of console gaming with their new line-up of controllers and headsets that are unique in their own rights. Meet the Realmz, a unique set of gear for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch with backdrops of video games adoring the controllers in a transparent housing.

Designer: Realmz

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The captivating shadowbox-like controllers overshadow all the themed gamepads we’ve seen all these years. That fact is obvious from the diorama inside the transparent housing (inspired by the see-through design of the 2000s) fused with the officially licensed characters. In total, there are five controllers for the Nintendo Switch and one for the Xbox Series X|S. Of course, all these accessories are well complemented by the sole headphone that’ll be irresistible for arcade game lovers.

The storytelling of the multilayered diorama captures the imagination like never before, ably honed by the play of built-in LED lights with attractive A, B, X and Y buttons. For now, the major focus of these controllers stays on Sonic the Hedgehog, but PDP promises to introduce multi-layered controllers themed on the Transformers (Optimus Prime-inspired) and Pikmin 4 on October 13 and winters respectively. Boy, they are going to be cool or what!

The focus of each diorama stays on the landscapes of Sonic the Hedgehog, matching the blue and red joysticks against the lush backdrop of the Green Hill Zone. There’s a reinterpretation of the Sonic on the left side with a fish leaping out on the right. Sonic’s friends have not been ignored in another piece where Tails and Knuckles on the Seaside Hill and Sky Sanctuary zones.

Similarly, the Xbox version set for the December 1 release has our hero star in the blue, gray and white landscape with Speed Realmz imagery completing the scene. For keen collectors, the controllers are available right away for a dirt-cheap price tag of $50.

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