What would a 2018 DeLorean look like?


Spencer Kim envisions a reality where the DMC never went out of business. If their car, the DMC-12 (wildly popular for its feature in the Back to the Future series) was still in production, what would it look like?

Kim’s redesigned DeLorean looks completely different from its original, what with 25 years between them. The New DeLorean sports a more contemporary and organic design, but still manages to retain enough to be called a DeLorean. It sports the two gull-wing doors, the DMC logo on the front, and a characteristic grill on the back that’s quite similar to the one on the original. Like the original, the new DeLorean also comes with a rear-engine and rear wheel drive setup. It even comes in the classic metallic silver color and sports black accents. Other than that, the new DMC-12 feels refreshing and looks absolutely the part for a 2018 remake of the series (if it were to happen).

Designer: Spencer Kim for Drivetribe