This beautiful table lamp of marble and glass is a piece of art you can place anywhere

Lamps inject life into our homes and our lives through their light, but that isn’t the only way they can enhance a space’s ambiance. Unless they’re embedded into ceilings and walls, the forms that lamps take can add to a room’s appeal or even become the main attraction. This is especially true for lamps that are always within view like lamp stands and table lamps, and their designs can easily make or break a room’s design. Lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but a large number use metals or plastic-plastics for both durability and style. This table lamp, however, bucks that trend and uses heftier and more solid materials to create a distinctive form that is quite portable despite its heavy construction.

Designer: Terrence Woodgate x Case Furniture

A lamp that uses heavy, solid materials is almost like an irony. Like the adjective that bears its name, light is often associated with concepts like weightlessness, formlessness, and bright colors. Opaque glass and stone might be the last things you’d link to light, but those are exactly the types of materials that the Solid Table Light employs, and it’s that very same juxtaposition that adds to the character and beauty of this striking lamp.

The lamp’s base is made of marble, either Serpentine, Nero Marquina, or Carrara. The stone’s unique visual properties make it a favorite for walls, floors, and pillars, but here it also creates a mesmerizing effect as light bounces off its polished surface. Additionally, no two pieces of marble are alike, guaranteeing that each of these lamps has their own unique appearance and personality.

Sitting on top of the marble base is a hand-blown opal glass shade that is acid-etched to diffuse the light. Its soft glow stands in contrast to the beautiful yet harsh marble below it, while also accentuating the heaviness of the entire product. Ironically, this lamp is almost asking to be moved and placed anywhere your mood dictates thanks to its lack of cables at least while it’s not charging.

Although the Solid Table Light isn’t exactly new, this latest iteration sneaks the word “Rechargeable” in between. It even uses a replaceable quick-fit battery so you won’t have to worry about where to plug it in or about the longevity of the lamp. While its 4kg weight might make you break a sweat, this wireless operation makes the Solid Rechargeable Table Light a bit more versatile and flexible in its location, allowing you to place it not only where you need some light but also where you need to add a bit of flair and style to your space.