Close the Blinds and Turn Your Love Light On

You might not be a romantic at heart or even that great at planning a memorable dinner party. Regardless, it is well known that the ambience of your surroundings can make or break that memorable moment-Some nice mellow tunes, great friends and most importantly lighting. Unfortunately lighting requires electricity which means a high electricity bill. The result is a need for a change in our thinking and adopting a more economical way of using light for our environment. Imagine if you will, closing the blinds and immediately having the perfect lighting effect that you are trying to achieve.

The Solar vertical lamp can give us that and so much more. With the blinds closed during the day blocking the rays of the hot sun, little solar pads are being charged on the back of the blinds and once the sun goes down, your mood lighting shines. The Solar Vertical Lamp is created by Korean designers Yoon-Hui Kim and Eun-Kyung Kim and available in a floor/table lamp or a stylish chandelier. Add one to each window in your home and at night, you have a beautifully lit home and a much lower electrical bill. Frugality and environmental friendliness at its best.

Designer: Yoon-Hui Kim & Eun-Kyung Kim