Looking for an Ultra-Compact Outdoor Knife? The tiny $11 SlideWinder is a wonderful pick

Measuring a mere 3.5 inches in length, the SlideWinder is the kind of outdoor EDC that you won’t even realize you’re carrying with you until you need it. The ultra-compact handheld tool sports a spring-deployable razor blade that’s great for cutting open boxes, piercing packets, and scoring wood, along with a built-in flathead screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a bottle opener. The entire contraption weighs a paltry 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams) and comes with a keyring hole, making it an ideal blend between versatile and compact for someone looking to carry EDC without sacrificing pocket space.

Designer: Outdoor Edge

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The SlideWinder sports a spring-loaded blade deployment mechanism that ejects a standard, replaceable razor-style blade that’s perfect for cutting, slicing, and piercing. The standard utility razor blade is sharp, lightweight, and doesn’t need maintenance. If the edge ever dulls or breaks, you can simply replace it for another one and your SlideWinder is as good as new. A slider on the side of the grip lets you deploy the blade with your thumb, and a nifty mechanism locks the blade in place while you’re cutting. When you’re done using the blade, an orange button on the slider lets you disengage the lock, while the spring inside the grip immediately retracts the blade inwards, ‘closing’ your knife.

The blade is also accompanied by a bottle opener designed into the front of the grip, along with a flat-head screwdriver on top (which is also great for prying and scraping), and a Phillips head driver on the back.

Depending on whether you prioritize weight or durability, the SlideWinder comes with either a glass-infused nylon polymer grip or a stainless steel grip. For people wanting lighter EDC, the glass/nylon SlideWinder has 3 color variants to choose from, with the flathead and Phillips head screwdriver units screwed into the plastic grip. The stainless steel version, on the other hand, has a more integrated design with the screwdrivers built right into the steel handle. Finally, both variants have a pocket clip attached onto the reverse side, allowing you to carry your SlideWinder in your pocket’s lining. Or better still, tag it onto a keychain with your keys and other tools and clip it to your belt loop or backpack!

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