Why This Tactical ‘Out-The-Front’ Switchblade NEEDS To Be A Part Of Your EDC Collection

Most people think that with EDC knives, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all… I guarantee you those people haven’t seen an OTF knife.

Designed to look and function quite different from your standard flipper/folder or your butterfly knife, the OTF knife (popularized by the folks at Tekto) is a visual and engineering delight. The blade sits within the handle, and pops out of the front instead of swiveling out through the side. The mechanism is actuated with a trigger-switch, and the blade gets locked in place so it doesn’t accidentally slide back in while you’re using the knife. OTF knives are easily some of the most exciting personal knives you can own and use… and if you’re on the market for one, there’s none better and more versatile than Tekto’s A5 Spry.

Designer: Tekto Design

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Tekto calls the A5 Spry their most tactical knife. It comes armed with a precision-contoured handle and a high-end S35VN steel blade, available in sword-point, drop-point, or tanto styles. The blade sits within an aluminum handle, and can be deployed using a reliable sliding thumb-switch that feels almost like pulling the trigger on a gun. Your hand feels the sudden ‘recoil’ of the blade as it shoots out, and in just milliseconds, you go from zero to EDC paradise.

The A5 Spry measures 4.9 inches when closed, opening to 8.6 inches when the blade is deployed. Unlike Tekto’s other knives, the A5 Spry comes with a higher-end S35VN steel blade, offering remarkable toughness and superior edge-retention as compared to the company’s other D2-steel blades.

The A5 Spry also gives consumers the option of choosing the type of blade they want in their knife. A sword-point ‘dagger’ blade is perhaps the best choice for tactical use. It boasts of a double edge (like the sword), making it great for forehand and backhand swings, and the pointed tip effortlessly pierces too. For the EDC-enthusiast looking for something less weapon-like, Tekto also offers the ability to choose a drop-point or a tanto blade. The drop-point is a classic format that has a glorious curved edge that’s great for cutting, whittling, slicing, etc. The tanto, on the other hand, is a katana-inspired blade that has a straight edge that sharply turns as it approaches the tip of the knife. This effectively gives it two edges – one for horizontal long cuts (like a regular knife), and another for diagonal running cuts (like a scalpel).

No matter what blade you choose, it sits within the A5 Spry’s ambidextrous, precision-contoured 6061-T6 aluminum handle. Armed with a grippy texture that makes the A5 Spry a pleasure to hold, the handle comes with a precisely engineered push-button mechanism that deploys the blade like a charm, creating an experience that most EDC knife enthusiasts will absolutely adore. The handle also comes with a glass-breaker located right at the bottom, making it easy to strike onto even reinforced glass to have it shatter in an emergency scenario.

Finally, a deep pocket clip on the side of the handle lets you comfortably carry the A5 Spry on your person wherever you go, with its lightweight 3.49oz (98g) build being just perfect for everyday carrying… whether it’s in your pocket or even in your backpack. Like all of Tekto’s knives, the A5 Spry is designed and manufactured in USA, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty and free US shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $212.50 $249.99 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!