This Perfectly Spacious Cat Backpack Also Transforms Into A Cozy Pet Shelter

Almost like an RV for your pet, the Travel Habitat Carrier is a cat shelter that you can carry around on your back wherever you go. Designed with an expandable form, the backpack doubles in size when taken off your shoulders, transforming into a spacious home for your cat, with ample ventilation, an integrated litter box, and enough space for a kibble and water bow too.

Designer: Zhihan Ying

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A multifunction carrier that conveniently opens up into a full-size habitat.

Designed for efficiency, the carrier can be instantly converted into a habitat anywhere on the go.

A winner of the Good Design Award in 2022, the Travel Habitat Carrier by pidan is practically a modular tent for your furry friend. It comes with a spacious, folding design along with two straps that let you wear it like a backpack. Unlike conventional pet backpacks, though, the Travel Habitat Carrier has a flat base that lets your pet sit properly while being transported around. A clear window for viewing and breathable meshed walls also make your pet feel much more comfortable while being transported.

Adjustable curtains provide privacy and security during travel.

Breathable mesh walls enhance air circulation.

Travel window allows pets to better experience the journey.

If you live in Asia, chances are you’ve either heard of pidan or come across their products as a cat-parent. With multiple international awards under its belt, pidan’s carved a legacy for itself in the cat-care industry as an all-encompassing brand offering an extensive range of feline products, including cat litter, nourishing cat food, convenient travel accessories, innovative dining utensils, practical litter boxes, engaging toys, and more. Created by and for cat-lovers, pidan’s mission is simple – to make a positive impact for the 400 million felines living across the world. The mission doesn’t just stop at domesticated cats, but extends to stray cats too, with the company being heavily involved in the Stray Welfare Program.

The carrier has multiple entrances which the pet can access.

Includes a portable litter box to accommodate pets’ needs during long journeys.

Unfold the Travel Habitat Carrier and it goes from a backpack to a full-blown shelter. The inner compartment doubles in size, giving your pet much more leg-room and also additional facilities like an integrated litter tray for them to go do their business. There’s also enough space within the habitat for placing bowls of food and water, so your feline friend can stretch back and enjoy an indoor-esque experience no matter where you go!

The Travel Habitat Carrier was designed to help you and your pet travel to different places without the hassle of carrying all your cat’s accouterments with you. Its backpack-style design gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to easily (and comfortably) carry your cat along with you, while also giving your cat a room with a view that doubles up into an airy tent with food and facilities!

The Travel Habitat Carrier comes made with a robust yet easy-to-assemble (and disassemble) form factor, featuring neoprene-padded panels, breathable mesh walls, and YKK zippers. Two points of entry give your pet the flexibility of coming and going as they please, and adjustable curtains also help protect their privacy if they’re just looking for some alone time. The portable litter box is easy to clean and helps accommodate your pet’s needs on long journeys, and additional outer pockets built into the carrier also help you carry toys and treats for your cat… a nice Pavlovian way to help them enjoy traveling!

The pidan collection!

What sets pidan’s Travel Habitat Carrier apart from anything else is just how convenient it is for both pet as well as owner. For the owner, carrying around your cat is easier than ever – more so considering you don’t need to separately carry food, toys, or a litter tray. For the pet, the carrier is quite literally a miniature palace on wheels (or legs, rather). It gives the cat enough room to comfortably sit while being carried, and when opened out into its full habitat, allows your pet to live its best outdoor life, while having the amenities of the indoor life. Does it GET any better?!

Click Here to Buy Now: $109.65 $129 (15% off with Coupon Code “yankodesign15”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!