A sustainably-designed turntable that is as thoughtful as it is powerful vinyl player

Vinyl turntables have been enjoying a resurgence over the past years. For older people, nostalgia is the main reason and a desire to listen to music in its “purest” form. For younger people who were not alive in the heyday of record listening parties and vinyl records, it may be curiosity but also there’s something really different about listening to uncompressed music not on your phones or computers. This newest turntable from the House of Marley brings elegance, sound quality, and sustainability to your listening experience.

Designer: House of Marley

The Stir It Up Lux Bluetooth Turntable is a fitting tribute to the iconic Bob Marley. It has an improved sound quality from their other turntables with its bamboo plinth, glass platter, replaceable Audio-Technica 95E elliptical stylus, and a double-sided cork slipmat to make it more fun. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can partner it with speakers and other devices. The tracking ability has also been improved because of the lightweight aluminum headshell and tonearm.

Because it is made from solid bamboo plinth and there is a glass platter, the denser turntable is able to give a cleaner and more accurate sound since it is able to absorb motor and bearing noise. What’s also important is that the Stir It Up turntable has a focus on sustainability. It uses bamboo which is one of the fastest growing plants and aluminum and glass are “infinitely recyclable”. It also uses cork made from stripped-down bark.

Another unique thing for this turntable is that it has a double sided slipmat. One side is just a simple black cork but the other is a zoetrope side with vibrant color and mesmerizing graphics, reminiscent of Mr. Marley himself. It is priced at $399.99 but there are also bundles available that can include Bluetooth speakers. Every time someone buys one, the company will donate something to Project Marley which supports global reforestation with the One Tree Planted campaign.