Apple Camera Will Make Fanboys Happy!

Ever fantasized about an Apple Camera? I know they are doing a decent job with the iPhone and dedicated apps make the experience of going click-click even better. But just for a Moment, stop in your tracks and let go of all your reservations…and then picture the Apple Camera, is it as innovative as the QuickTake Concept? Maybe not, so step right in to know more….


  • Never seen before design using glass and recycled aluminum
  • Long battery life
  • Graphic interface (GUI) looks like an iPad with full touch screen

Microphone and Voice Control

  • The Quicktake is the first smart digital camera
  • It includes a microphone that can record HD sound while eliminating unwanted noise around
  • Allows recordings according to the modes, focusing on a particular sound while minimizing others (video mode)
  • Voice Control lets you take pictures or choose the options with your voice
  • In self-portrait mode (or when you use a tripod), it’s enough to say “Cheeseeee” for example for the device to make a statement and take the picture
  • Voice control also allows to settle the device according to the modes

Camera Lens

  • Camera lens takes 32 MP, 1080P videos without compression
  • This is the first rotating camera lens in the world
  • The “Eyefocus+” in video mode can target the person by reproducing the effect of the human eye, (the camera lens can be rotated a few millimeters to the left and right as human eyes to capture more images) creating an unprecedented focus effect. There are different modes, such as slow motion video, 3D panorama mode, HDR, the burst mode at 60 frames per second, image stabilization, smile detection and tracking of the eyes, never to lose the only right time, anti blur mode, most advanced in the world
  • Integrated LED flash units operate independently of each other to deliver perfect photos and videos even in low light, automatic red-eye removal etc.

Retina Mini Cinema HD touchscreen with IPS technology

  • The Special feature of this digital camera is the fact that the extra wide screen can be swiveled 360 °.
  • Take a picture of startling self-portrait regardless of their quality
  • Once you have rotated the screen, the device goes into portrait mode by default
  • The Touch HD screen is LED backlit, with high pixels per inch
  • The light sensor adjusts the screen brightness automatically
  • Zoom with your fingers like smartphones

Calendar Pics

  • This feature lets you group photos based on several criteria, faces, dates taken, places etc.
  • You can take pictures based on those previously taken, which simplifies the settings


  • Battery is integrated into the Quicktake, which is charged with 30 pin dock connector from Apple
  • It also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, Airprint, Airplay, Photobooth, auto modes, strong Edit modes, autofocus (AF), HD speakers, automatic upload to Youtube, Flickr
  • Even if the display is closed, proximity sensor that adjusts the settings as you are very close or very far from the camera

Designer: Joseph Dumary


  • Mark Thomson says:

    As a quick note, the Apple camera is here. Just, people didn’t notice:

    The idea of a dedicated apple device like a camera doesn’t fit with the company these days.

    The thing is, that looks really uncomfortable to hold.

  • BCrowley says:

    To be fair, the renderings and graphics are beautiful, but this is still probably one of the worst design ideas I have ever seen on Yanko. First of all, Apple already has a camera. Its called the iPhone and it holds about 30% of the Point & Shoot market.
    As for the actual design, there is nothing “apple” about this product other than the logo. The device looks big and has a bulky frame that (as far as I can tell) does nothing.
    The concept of the rotating screen is gimmicky and rather stupid. If the device was facetime enabled that would be one thing, but I really don’t see people taking pictures of themselves so often that they need a rotating screen.
    Even the name of the device could use work. Where did “Quicktake” come from? How about iShoot, iSnap, iTake, etc.

    • Christian says:

      Seriously Bcrowley…you don’t know the quickTake by apple? It’s just an amazing idea..the design is good and it’s different from the others…so try to read more and stop talking what you don’t know..

  • Stuart says:

    I quite like the idea of this product with a reversible screen and how it spins round but the whole idea just seems a bit ridiculous, especially with the specifications that have been suggested. It just seems like you haven’t identified your market and their needs and rather gone for the bigger is better approach. Realistically a consumer doesn’t need a 32MP camera because this high level of pixelation is only useful for high quality printing and most people will store pictures on their computer and not need this level of detail. Also using uncompressed video will use up a ridiculous amount of storage space and again there is no need for this. Altogether just think more thought needs to go into this idea rather than just trying to throw all the best technology you can think of into a device.

  • Daniel Braham says:

    I like the creative thought a lot and use of bringing in existing technologies. Unfortunately I wouldn’t buy it and here is why. The iPhone is expensive enough…if I was to invest yet more money in a digital device to outshine my current expensive one…I would prefer one that won’t cost a huge amount and only has technology that is required…as apposed to an indulgence of luxury features…but thats just me though. Secondly it looks like the form went before function here. I’m doubtful that I could adapt many comfortable ways of holding this design. If the edge was a material which caused a lot of friction….such as a nice-looking silicone; then I would have to apply less pressure with my fingers which would make it more comfortable on the joints and possibly result in a more steady hand. Furthermore, curved silicone corners would be nice…if you want to take a photo at an angle you manoeuvre the camera in your hands instead of making your wrists more crooked to adapt to the ridged design. Silicone would also protect from drops! Voice control does sound ace! Perhaps making this concept show relevance and competition in comparison to SLRs would be a good choice…as they are often the more expensive and professional camera.

  • Pepe says:

    I hope really a camera from would be great

  • Rawwhale says:

    Make an iphone app that takes a picture when you say “chhheeeessseee”, thats genius and it would be basically the same product. Except it would cost $1 or two instead of wasting a 32 mb sensor on an ultra-expensive iphone brick that can only run one program.

  • Paul says:

    Apple’s camera wouldn’t be like this at all. It would actually be designed well. Why the hell was this posted?

  • Chris says:

    just one question, what about the image quality? i dont think great images would come out of an image sensor that small, and the fact that its 32mp is gonna make it worse. Furthermore, since its going to be a point and shoot, it has to have optics and an image sensor thats larger than a smartphone camera.

  • Bcrowley says:

    I assume you must be referring to the “apple quicktake 100” which was actually built by kodak in 1994. I had never heard of it until now. There was nothing in the article referencing the nearly decade old, analog device; so I’m not sure how I could known about such an obscure product by “reading more”.
    Trust me, I know a great deal about design and my professional opinion on this product is that it is a poorly conceived, half realized concept.
    If one were to remove all of the text, specs, and logos from these renderings; one would be left with one thing: a bulky point and shoot with a spinning screen. That is a clear indication of poor design. Furthermore, this product fails to reflect Apple’s (current) philosophical and aesthetic agendas.

  • Marzaday says:

    On a mechanical note. I am not sure the screen would rotate as it is shown at the moment, the tolerance between the 2 parts is pretty small to rotate freely… or it is not shown well enough. I could be wrong.

  • Grey says:

    simpleminded idea..
    Physically – Screen is too thick to rotate out of the frame, Thicl, chunky and heavy in appearance.

    Concept – I dont see the point for the rotating its easier to place a secondary camera or secondary screen than pull of this idea.

  • Jimmy C says:

    But it’s a concept people, which means it deserves respect for being here in the first place.

  • David says:

    Yeah cos you know what apple are known for making, horrible bulky pieces of shite, and screens with enormous borders.

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