This space-saving sideboard transforms into a dining table complete with chairs

Although work and schools have more or less returned to normal face-to-face arrangements, our homes have forever been changed by the events of the past three years. We’ve come to realize how precious space is and how little we might have of it, forcing many to reorganize and redesign their homes to accommodate changing needs and circumstances. Multi-functional and transforming furniture have become popular because of this, especially those that can serve as a work desk from time to time. There are many variations available, stretching the creativity and imagination of designers, but this rather intriguing sideboard cabinet gets extra points for having a design that not only incorporates different use cases but even includes four chairs in its shape-shifting transformation.

Designer: Jason Han (SPS Furniture)

This piece of furniture immediately attracts attention even in its folded-up state, thanks to its almost anthropomorphic design that gives the sideboard a cute face and tiny arms on its sides. The wooden piece wouldn’t look out of place as a part of the cast in Beauty and the Beast, especially considering how lively it can be once you start unfolding parts here and there. But even in this form, it already serves a functional purpose, with drawers and internal shelves that can hide almost anything you need, from containers to tools.

Fold that face down and you get a square desk on two legs that you can use for an ad hoc workspace. In fact, the sideboard can serve a purely office-oriented purpose, holding office supplies, stationery, books, and whatnot, all within easy reach but out of sight once the day’s work is done. That said, that might be limiting its use too much since you can extend the front edge of that desk and unfold the top to reveal a longer, rectangular table that can comfortably sit three to four people around its three open sides.

Sitting won’t be a problem either, which is where this sideboard’s ingenuity comes into play. Open its sides, the one with bent arms, and you’ll have access to storage that can fit four foldable wooden chairs. It’s practically a complete and self-sufficient package for any kind of home use, including storage space, desk space, and chairs. A dining table is the most immediate function that comes to mind, but it can also be used for work, playing, and any other activity that doesn’t need a lot of horizontal space.

The wooden sideboard is a good example of how furniture designs have become a bit more clever in light of the changing situations at home. Its multifunctional transforming form remains useful even long after work-from-home arrangements have stopped for some. It is also a great way to add some character to a space just by standing there, thanks to its rather whimsical face that almost invites you to play with it and discover its hidden treasures.