2000-piece LEGO Concorde will take you on a nostalgia journey of aviation history this September

It’s not new for the LEGO Group to do the impossible, but we are left in awe with every single announcement. After going retro with the film camera and life-size with a Ferrari, LEGO is again pushing the boundaries of imagination and buildmanship with a nostalgic aviation masterpiece: A 2,000-piece LEGO Concorde!

Build from an exact 2,083 bricks, the fully-assembled LEGO 10318 Concorde is set a sight to behold. Standing at a height of 15cm, it measures an impressive 105cm in length and spans 43cm from wing to wing, capturing the essence of the iconic Franco-British supersonic airliner that cruised the skies at twice the speed of sound since 1976 before being laid to rest in 2003.

Designer: LEGO

The LEGO version of the Concorde, with its intricacies in design, brings forth the sleek lines and distinctive shape of the supersonic jet, right from the droop nose to its flappable rudders. As you build further, more than just the surface-level replica is unveiled. It features a dedicated section in the roof that opens to reveal the interior of the cabin, complete with four-abreast seating and a tiny toilet.

LEGO’s attention to detail is astounding every time, and you’ll find yourself immersed in details with the Concorde as well. The process of recreating this aviation marvel is going to be thrilling with every brick attached. And when it’s ready, an accompanying display stand will allow you to showcase your masterpiece in all its glory. Whether you want to depict your Concorde soaring through the skies, inclined for take-off, or humbly landing: the stand makes it all possible.

The quality and innovation of the LEGO Concorde kit comes for a $299 price tag. This iconic set will be available for sale beginning September 7, 2023. If you are still thinking, this blended nostalgia of aviation history and the joy of LEGO building will not replicate itself. So, mark your calendar and set out to build a Concorde one brick at a time!