The Headlamp, Redesigned for the Future and Everything it Entails

A tool used mainly by coal miners and night trekkers gets redesigned for much more than those two scenarios. The Bandicoot, with its less industrial and more consumer-friendly design, is simple and comes with four usage modes that see it being used in more than just the two aforementioned scenarios.

With an organic, alien-inspired silicone construction, the Bandicoot comes with an adjustable strap that’s easy to resize, and as many as 8 LEDs, all integrated and optimized for different roles and responsibilities. Three core LEDs offer different degrees of brightness, while also allowing you to switch between spotlight mode and ambient light mode. A fourth LED right beside the core lights shines red, allowing you to see better at night. The lights, carefully curated for very specific scenarios, are energy-conserving, and useful, making sure you see things at a distance without blinding others. Below the four upper LEDs are four more warm LEDs designed for reading. Arranged in a linear fashion, the downward pointing reading lights fall within a warmer light temperature, providing a more comfortable reading experience (while the night-lights are cooler in color temperature). Their linear arrangement also allows them to work as battery indicators, showing you the battery level in 25% increments.

Built with a lithium-ion battery on the inside, the Bandicoot is simply no-hassle. With a clean design that eliminates the need to include a clunky battery area and the additional hassle of replacing batteries when they run out, the Bandicoot’s slick one-piece design doesn’t slip off your head or shift around while running or climbing. It also is slim enough to be worn both under or over caps and beanies, allowing you to wear it everywhere, from your summertime outdoor run to your trek in the mountains. From walking the unbeaten path, to even reading a book in a tent or even fixing the fuse at home when your lights go out, the Bandicoot was designed to be every light-source you need, mounted on your head and designed to serve and to outperform in every scenario.

Designer: Knog

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A silicone headlamp without the bulk, the endless batteries, and the “boring”.


Perfect for EVERYWHERE like camping.








Fixing your car.


Click here to Buy Now: $22.00. Hurry, only 10 days left!

The Specs

The Bandicoot is pending design registration 201812762 and patent application 2018901607.

They have placed these LEDs in the optimum position for their purpose. This means no bulky, hinged lighthead, no bulky battery pack on the back, and no elastic fabric over the top of your head to hold it all together.


It does NOT tangle your hair. This is a common concern but fear not, it isn’t sticky like in a rubber band. It’s a matte finish that treats your hair kinder than Pantene. If you want to look it up, the surface texture is called Yick Sang YS20043. Sounds fancy, right?

Click here to Buy Now: $22.00. Hurry, only 10 days left!