Insanely Detailed LEGO Rolls-Royce Phantom Showcases Detailed Interiors And Tamper-Proof Spirit Of Ecstasy Statue

Although not a LEGO Technic build, MoonGravity06’s LEGO RR Phantom comes with a ridiculous amount of detail that compares wonderfully to the original. You can take a look under the hood, stash items in the boot, move the windshield wipers, and even open the Phantom’s doors to see the interiors. My favorite part, however, is the touch-sensitive Spirit of Ecstasy statue that disappears inside the car’s chassis if you try and touch it… just like in the original!

Designer: MoonGravity06

MoonGravity06’s LEGO build is slightly unconventional in its appearance, but is a testament to just how creative you can be with LEGO bricks. The car’s entire outer body uses all sorts of black bricks to come together with remarkable accuracy. The grill on the front relies on LEGO katana swords, and the wheels (in the interest of authenticity) are 3D printed instead of being stock LEGO pieces. None of the windows have glass components (they’re all hollow), but that’s only because it would be rather difficult to find glass pieces matching MoonGravity06’s model and scale.

The fan-made build (which currently sits in LEGO’s Ideas forum with just under 1,000 votes) tries to stick to the original as much as possible without compromising on detail. While it’s common for fan-made LEGO builds to opt for a more minimal route, dissolving details rather than glorifying them, this Rolls-Royce Phantom is quite the opposite. For instance, the motor-powered moving wipers are a spectacular touch, as are the shining headlights and the locking doors (including the suicide-style doors on the back). The tamper-proof Spirit of Ecstasy statute is perhaps the most impressive feature, accurately mimicking how the statue disappears inside the car’s hood if someone tries stealing it. Look closely and you’ll notice that the Spirit of Ecstasy statue is, in fact, two LEGO wrenches fitted together!

“It is quite disheartening to notice the lack of homage paid to such legendary motor vehicles,” MoonGravity06 mentions. “The market is saturated with models that glorify contemporary supercars, leaving timeless icons like the Rolls Royce Phantom in a shroud of undeserved obscurity.”

“Guided by a deep-seated respect for the Phantom’s original design, I meticulously replicated each curve, each line, employing real bricks and actual photographs to ensure utmost authenticity.”

To that end, MoonGravity06’s build does rely on a few unconventional components. The grille, for instance, uses LEGO katanas, the Spirit of Ecstasy uses LEGO wrenches, and the Rolls Royce logo on the front is merely a printed paper sticker. The wheels, on the other hand, are 3D printed to match the Phantom’s design and scale. While most LEGO builders generally frown upon people using non-LEGO components, this direction arguably was motivated by MoonGravity06’s relentless pursuit of accuracy.

Each door physically locks shut, rather than relying on a snapping or spring mechanism

The rear door opens in Rolls-Royce’s signature backward ‘suicide door’ fashion!

“I am staunchly convinced that this concept deserves actualization because it aligns with the true essence of car design. It transcends beyond mere functionality; it’s about sculpting a marvel that commands respect and instills awe,” MoonGravity06 mentions in the LEGO Ideas forum. “At a time when many companies appear to have drifted from these values, this set serves as a potent reminder of the fundamental ethos of automotive design.”