How this portable 20W fiber laser engraver makes every project stand out with exquisite detail

3D printers seem to be yesterday’s news. While these incredible machines do empower creatives to bring their designs to life, they’re hardly the only tool you need to make projects pop. That’s especially true for objects that have already been made but need intricate details that will give them their distinctive character and appeal. CNC lathes and laser engravers are now rising in popularity because of this need, providing the finishing touches that carve designs onto any material and make them extra special. Just like 3D printers, laser engravers are still in a stage of rapid evolution, and this latest innovation delivers a machine that is both powerful and accessible, enabling creatives of all levels to turn their creative vision into reality.

Designer: Gweike Cloud

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You might have an image of laser engravers as big, hulking boxes only found in production facilities or professional workshops, and that might have been true in the not-so-distant past. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made it possible to squeeze all the essential bits into a more compact form that can even fit on top of desks. Such is the case with the Gweike G2, an industrial-grade fiber laser engraver whose compact size and portable design belies its unbelievable ability to engrave intricate details quickly, accurately, and in color! Imagine fitting an industrial laser engraving machine not just in your house but on your desk as well, and you’ve got the kind of powerful yet convenient experience that the Gweike G2 is offering.

Ultra-speed Galvanometer – Gweike G2’s 20W of continuous power is coupled with a galvanometer that delivers extraordinary speed, driving Gweike G2’s exceptionally fast and deep engraving capabilities.

10X Faster Engraving – Exhibiting an engraving velocity of 15000mm/s, the G2 drastically transcends the capabilities of standard market competitors.

Intricate Details with Extreme Precision – 2k, 4k, 8k options ensure that the optimal level of detail is readily accessible, thereby enabling a seamless and highly refined engraving process.

The Gweike G2’s 20W of continuous power works together with an advanced galvanometer scanning system to deliver an engraving velocity of 15000mm/s, making it ten times faster than your average consumer laser engraver. Despite that mind-blowing speed, the engraver is still incredibly accurate, capable of 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions to match the level of detail that you need for every project, including ones that commemorate furry friends for posterity. Even more impressive is that the Gweike G2 can engrave color on stainless steel or titanium. Yes, that’s right, you can engrave vivid colors on these metallic materials, letting you select from 30 gorgeous hues that make your products unique and memorable and leave a lasting impression on clients, customers, and recipients.

Huge Power to 1.5mm Metal Depth – With a capacity to engraved as deep as 1.5mm, Gweike G2 offers remarkable adaptability, accommodating diverse requirements in various contexts.

Vivid Color Metal Engraving – Mark and engrave on stainless steel and titanium with more than 30 different gorgeous colors.

The versatility of Materials – Metal, plastics, leather, dark glass, colored ceramics, acrylic, stone, showing every detail of your design on virtually any surface, anything you like.

With its 1064nm fiber laser, the Gweike G2 can work with a wide variety of materials, ranging from metal to plastic to leather to even glass. With metal, it can engrave as deep as 1.5mm to make even the smallest details pop out. You don’t even lose the speed advantage if you go deep, so you have complete creative freedom to use the design that you want, no matter the depth, while still reaping the benefits of speed and accuracy at every turn. And you don’t have to limit yourself to flat objects and surfaces either, thanks to the machine’s ability to mount an electric roller for a full 360-degree treatment. Make those bottles and tumblers truly personal and unforgettable by engraving special designs on their curved bodies.

Best of all, the Gweike G2 is easy to use, convenient, and safe. Weighing only 12kg (26lbs), you can easily bring the machine with you and setup up shop on any flat table. Need to carve designs on vertical objects? That’s easy as pie thanks to the ingenious detachable design that turns the desktop machine into a handheld tool. You can even engrave at different angles by simply tilting the main engine while still connected to the stand. With the included safety goggles, your eyes are also protected from those powerful but harmful lasers. And just as you’re not limited to designs or materials, you’re also not limited on what device to use to control the engraver.

Gweike’s apps work on any platform, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, whether you’re connecting via WIFI or a USB cable. The software also supports different file formats so you won’t have to adjust your workflow just to take advantage of the laser engraver’s mouth-watering features. With the powerful and accessible Gweike G2 20W fiber laser engraver, you can say goodbye to bland products and say hello to breathtaking designs that truly elevate your projects to the next level.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1499 $2499 ($1000 off). Hurry, only 50/100 left! Raised over $260,000.