The Respio integrates an in-depth sleep-tracker right into your bed

Physically and metaphorically, the Respio is like a bookmark. Just like a bookmark helps you keep track of which page you are on, Respio was designed to help you track your sleep. The device comes with a long fabric belt that rests horizontally across your bed, and a hardware unit at the end that hangs off the side of your bed, monitoring your sleep. Just through clever design and the use of some rather remarkable sensors, Respio measures the quality of your sleep. It can track your breathing, measuring any irregularities in it, while also keeping tabs on how you sleep at night, recording if you’re a restless or sound sleeper.

The sheer brilliance of Respio is the fact that it isn’t a wearable sleep tracker. Realizing that most people aren’t comfortable sleeping with clunky bracelets or smartwatches on their wrist, Respio is much more discreet, yet just as effective. It gently rests on your bed, and the sensor fabric at just a millimeter thin, practically merges with your bedsheet, so you don’t even realize it’s there in the first place. Its hardware end hangs off the side of your bed, reading and analyzing how you sleep, capturing everything from your sleep cycle and duration to recording your breathing patterns and even going the distance to measure your room’s temperature and humidity. It crunches all this data and displays it to you through its easy-to-understand interface on the smartphone app, giving you a full breakdown of your night’s sleep so you’re never struggling to stifle yawns during the day because you’re facing a sleep deficit.

Respio is, in every regard a health device. Because a lack of sleep can result in a higher likelihood of fatigue, stress, and physical problems down the line, Respio’s ability to tell you whether you’re sleeping right or wrong makes a world of a difference to your overall health. If it detects snoring or irregularities in your breathing during sleep, Respio begins recording audio to allow you to understand whether you’re suffering from sleep apnea or an airway obstruction, resulting in snores. The device relays movement data to the app too, letting you know if you’re a light sleeper, and its extended IFTTT compatibility even lets you calibrate your alarms to ring after a sleep cycle ends, when you’re more likely to feel well rested. Conversely, if you’re an insomniac, Respio can help coach or guide you into sleep through various breathing exercises designed especially for you.

Respio, by design, is a much more discreet and effective way to track your sleep. Rather than manifesting as a plastic and metal band around your wrist, Respio integrates right into your bed, and can be oriented both above or below your bedsheet… and who knows, we may as well end up seeing beds with Respio-like hardware integrated right into the mattress in the future!

Designer: ChanYong Park

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Respio Sleep Coach: Reveal What is Sabotaging Your Sleep

Free yourself from Sleep Debt with Repsio Sleep Coach that helps improve your sleep quality, breathing patterns and sleep environment.

Track, Manage & Improve

Improve your sleep quality by identifying any factors that may affect your sleep quality. Respio Sleep Tracker 2.0 is a non-invasive biometric sleep tracker.

With Respio Sleep Monitor, you can finally UNLOCK the mystery of sleep quality with accurate sleep tracking. Follow its Insights & tips to improve your sleep immediately.

Sleep affects every part of life—your health, your mood and more. It can help you perform at your best, stay productive, and fight weight gain and depression. So if you’re ready to make the most of your day, start by improving your night.

That’s why we developed Respio, the smart sleep coach that works as an accurate non-invasive bio-metric tracker that will effortlessly monitor everything about your sleep, allowing you to effectively improve the quality of your sleep.

What is The Respio Sleep Monitor

The Respio Sleep Monitor uses tracked data and analytics to measure, manage, and improve your sleep, right from your phone. Leveraging an extremely thin sensor strip that you’ll never even notice, wake up, open your iPhone or Android app, and learn everything you need to know about your sleep habits.

Enjoy automatic tracking that provides you with information related to sleeping times, breathing, snoring, bedroom temperature, and humidity. Plus, with personalized sleep coaches, find a new motivation in your life to improve your sleep quality. A better life starts with more restful sleep. Who doesn’t want to sleep better?

The best part is that Respio works almost as if it was not there. This is a 1mm thin highly accurate sensor strip that picks up your sleeping patterns as you rest and sleep on it (literally). It works with any mattress, you can perfectly put your bedsheets on top of it and forget about it. Unlike other devices on the market, Respio is not a wearable, so you won’t need to do anything other than sleeping on it!

Key Features of The Respio Sleep Monitor

Did You Know?

Respio Demo

The Respio Sleep Monitor App

Understand Causes of Bad Sleep

Respio App analyzes your sleep and life patterns to find the most likely cause with machine learning techniques. Respio App collects the physical information and the daily activities of the user when measuring sleep. By analyzing sleep and activities for more than two weeks, we find the factors that have the greatest effect on sleep. Users will be able to manage the factors that have the greatest effect on sleep and gradually reduce symptoms.

Respio accurately analyzes your personal sleep data and calculate your sleep debt. Check your sleep debt just like checking the balance on your bank account.

Sleep debt is a fancy term, but it perfectly describes the problem. Every time you do not sleep well, your body and mind accumulate a sleep deficit that keeps on mounting and making you feel exhausted and unproductive, no matter how many cups of coffee you take. If you consecutively abuse your sleep cycle, sleeping for only a few hours each night without any REM sleep or a sleeping environment that is right for you, the abuse is going to add up.

For sleep debt analysis, Respio collects the following physical information, gender, age, BMI. Daily activity factors include; alcohol, caffeine, smoking, fever, workout, medicine, stuffy nose, shower, sunlight exposure, stress, change of sleep environment and so on.

Respio would never force you to enter your personal information and daily activities to analyze sleep apnea if you are concerned about your privacy.

Repsio App optimizes your bedtime and wake time to reduce the sleep debt in the most natural way possible. Besides, it will monitors the sleep environment-humidity, brightness, and temperature and provides suggestions to improve your overall sleep quality.

Our goals are simple: we want to accurately detect your sleeping patterns and habits to reduce your sleep debt accumulation. Along the way, we want to make falling sleeping easier for everyone, with an affordable and accessible sleep coach that was made just for you.

Fully Relaxed Before Falling Asleep

Respio App analyzes and personally trains you so you can breath better and relax better. After using the Respio breath exercises you will reap the benefits of relaxation, improved concentration, stress reduction, normalization of blood pressure, and an increased lung capacity that will help you beat your insomnia.

After using the Respio breath exercises you will reap the benefits of relaxation, improved concentration, stress reduction, normalization of blood pressure, and an increased lung capacity that will help you beat your insomnia.

Respio is Easy to Use – Make it Personal

Respio app works both on iOS and Android systems and both the Respio sensor strip and app are only for individual use- which means that Respio can only be used by one person at any given time and that the cumulative data collected by Respio can only help the person whose sleeping data has been collected. That’s one of the beauties of Respio: It’s a truly highly personalized sleeping coach!

The Next Generation of Sleep Tracking

How does Respio compare to other sleep trackers? Sleep trackers are not a new thing, so what makes Respio so special? In traditional medical communities, sleep tracking is very expensive and takes a full night at their clinic. What’s the point of tracking just one night? Plus, when you sleep at a different place, you sleep differently because you need to be more aware of and get used to the different sleep environment. It’s a basic evolution mechanism.


Respio is a unique sensor with integrated breathing-measurement technology. The interior features a pressure sensor and the exterior is made of 100% cotton. Respio’s sensor transmits breathing signals to the Respio app via Bluetooth 4.0. The data-collecting function of Respio offers more detailed results, scores and suggested tips and exercises over time: the more you use it, the best it performs.

The Respio app will be available for iOS and Android systems.

Behind The Scenes

Evolution of The Respio

Respio Sensor

Respio Sensor operates at 3.3v. 3.3 V is not dangerous because it is as low as two typical batteries(1.5v x 2). We had an experiment to pour water into the sensor to check electrical safety. The sensor worked normally and there was no electrical leakage. Don’t worry about the effect of electromagnetic radiation, we have already tested Respio in an anechoic chamber with EMI Tester. Electromagnetic waves are released at a safe level from 9 dBuV/m to 18 dBuV/m.

Respio Sensor’s Tech

Respio sensor measures subtle pressure changes caused by chest and abdomen movement. This is why Respio sensor strip should be placed at the level of the chest. The chest cavity and abdomen expand and deflate during respiration. Respio measures the movement of the chest and abdomen to collect data and translate into something that regular customers could understand: sleep score.

When you breathe in, both chest and abdomen expand at the same time. The sensor detects this movement. So when you breathe in, the sensor graph shows a sudden spike.

When you breathe out, both chest and abdomen deflate to a neutral state. Respio sensor detects this change, and the sensor graph shows accordingly as shown in the pictures.

This video shows the change of the data values. When I apply force onto a sensor, the sensor value increases, and when I release, the sensor value decreases. The oscilloscope next to the laptop also shows the same results. Check it out!

Our Real World Testing: In unforced breathing, Respio detects the breathing cycle accurately during the inhalation and exhalation cycles. During the phase of sleep apnea, the graph flattens out.

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