Casio Watch Rings are a tiny wearable tribute to the Japanese timekeeping legacy

Imagine if you could wear your favorite Casio watch on your finger, capturing the essence of timeless style in a tiny, wearable form? Enter the enchanting realm of miniature watch rings designed as part of the Casio Watch Ring Collection.

This is a result of a delightful collaboration between Casio and creative minds at Toymaker Stasto Stand Stones in Japan. The Casio watch rings are no ordinary trinkets: these are meticulous reproduction of the watchmaker’s larger wrist-bound counterparts.

Designer: Casio  and Stasto Stand Stones

These shrunken pieces of horological art are nicely encased as wearable treasure. To that accord, they carry the iconic digital display, have intricate dials, and other notable complication such as calculator elegantly scaled down to ring size 18 for your finger.

Whether you’re a Casio fan, a fashion aficionado, or simply someone who loves a touch of whimsy, Casio x Stasto Stand Stones give a chance to wear time on our fingers but for an aesthetic appeal only. They look functional, but the watch rings are a playful homage to horology and capture our imagination while adding a dash of style to the fashion statement.

The Casio Watch Ring Collection has been available since the mid of July, 2023, through retail outlets, toy stores, and home-appliance shops in Japan. Interestingly, the watch rings are also available through vending machines across Japan.

So, a few coins and a touch of anticipation are all it takes for one of these tiny treasures to drop into your grasp. Once you have them, these watches will keep you enchanted one glance at a time!