Elevated Cabin In Brazil Provides An Immersive + Surreal Treetop Living Experience

As a child, we’ve all dreamed of having a large enchanting treehouse in our backyards. A place we can play all day in, and spend our summer coasting above the ground, in the canopy of a beautiful tree. As an adult, we can actually make that dream come true with Casa Monoculo. Designed by Brasília-based architect Alan Chu, the Casa Monoculo is a contemporary Brazilian home that is situated above the densely forested area of Eldorado, a neighborhood of Alto Paraiso City. The stunning home is elevated above the ground and is designed to provide a unique twist on the concept of treetop living. But it is not simply an ordinary treehouse, it is spacious and modern, no different than any of the finely done villas you see today. It provides expansive views of the beautiful surroundings while creating a luxurious living experience.


  • Provide a luxurious treetop living experience
  • Provides long stunning vistas of the city, sunrise, and the mountains


  • Doesn’t seem like the house can accommodate a large number of guests, better suited for smaller parties

Designer: Alan Chu

The site is located near the city center, it required working with unusual conditions. Despite its location, it is surrounded by greenery and preserved Cerrado vegetation, which required the architect to adopt a sensitive approach. He elevated the structure from the ground, to ensure that no disturbance was caused to the existing nature, and no trees had to be cut down. As a result, the home is supported by 12 black metal pillars, five meters above the ground. It touches the ground quite lightly and also provides the residents with long stunning views of the city, sunrise, and the mountains in the distance.

Called Casa Monoculo, the house is named after the traditional monocle which translates to monóculo’ in Portuguese. The entire home was designed with the intention to frame experiences and capture and elevate the beautiful environment via the thoughtfully and well-done setup. An impressive winding staircase welcomes visitors from the ground to the house above, allowing them to connect to the surroundings on their way up.

“The Monóculo house has been designed to not only leave an everlasting memory of the view but to have provided its guests with a unique and unforgettable experience,” said Chu. And, truly the home functions as a warm, inviting, and spacious living setup that makes you feel truly connected with nature, and allows you to appreciate it admiringly from a distance.