Top 10 Must-Have Audio Designs That Deserve To Be On Every Audiophile’s Wish List

Owning great audio gadgets is always essential, not only to blast out some groovy music at your parties but also for those days when you want to sing along to your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs, in the privacy of your room! Whatever may be the requirement, having a clear, distortion-free, handy, and interactive set of audio devices is necessary. There are a lot of innovative designs out there in the market, so picking the right one that meets all your needs can be a task, especially since we all tend to have different audio requirements. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of functional, creative, and exciting audio devices for you! From an invisible turntable to headphones with a circular design – these modern audio devices are all you need for the ultimate immersive audio experience at home. Enjoy!

1. The Black Wheel

Vinyl and record players made a comeback a few years ago and completely took over the audio industry. Say hello to Black Wheel, the latest iteration of the Wheel design by Miniot. The Black Wheel artfully hides and conceals the electronic and mechanical parts under the record. The various parts sit inside a thin circular body that disappears the second you put a record on! It has an alluring minimalist charm to it.

2. Harmon Kardon Gramophone Mini Speaker Concept

Designed by Wagner Pozebon, this speaker design is the perfect epitome of minimalism, combined with the spirit of the good old gramophone, while also incorporating a modern and contemporary design aesthetic. The versatile wireless speaker features a translucent body that mimics the classic gramophone’s contours. The amplification of the speaker is right on point delivering encapsulating audio from the soundbox.

3. The Kibu Headphones

The Kibu Headphones are designed to be recyclable and repairable all through their lifespan. The headphones are 3D printed on demand and are available in a variety of custom colors using recycled PLA from packaging waste sourced from the agricultural industry, which is topped up with a cozy TPU headband and foam ear cups in a kid-friendly size.

4. The Yamaha L700A

The Yamaha L700A perfectly balances pro-gear and consumer-worthy stuff. The headphones feature a gray design, topped with fabric trims on the headband, as well as on the earpieces themselves, giving them the visuals of a condenser microphone. The headphones fold flat like the AirPods Max and support easy traveling.

5. Nothing The Ear (2) Black

Nothing recently unveiled a black variant for its flagship Ear (2) TWS earbuds, for those who love a touch of dark in their wearables. The Ear (2) Black is equipped with Hi-Res Audio certification and LHDC 5.0 technology. The earbuds feature an 11.6 mm custom driver, which produces deep, crystal clear, and powerful bass highs.

6. The TP-7

The TP-7 is styled like a hi-fi audio player but is actually a tiny recorder that you can record and playback audio with. It is great for making podcasts, sample recordings, music production, vlogging, and journalism. It combines nostalgia with clicky buttons, vintage details, and a lack of touchscreens, while also providing cutting-edge recording technology.

7. The Stingray Headphones

Designed by Junhyeok “Hugo” Oh, the Stingray Headphones have been created to adapt to the back of human heads, hence making them quite an ergonomic pair of headphones. They cover the back of our heads, preventing migraines and helping users to focus completely on the music. The headphones are designed to be portable, and they can be swiftly clipped onto or put into bags and pockets, making the headphones extremely easy to carry around with you.

8. OEPLAY MusicStar5

The OEPLAY MusicStar5 is a large audio unit that is shaped like a planet and is designed to provide an immersive soundscape, irrespective if you’re watching TV or listening to your favorite tunes. The audio unit is designed to help you hear music the way the artist really intended it! It is crafted with only the finest materials and has a frequency range going all the way to 33Hz and up to as 55kHz.

9. The Torso Speaker

Torso Speaker inspired by Michelangelo Statue of David

Torso Speaker inspired by Michelangelo Statue of David

Designed by Yang Dong Wook, the Torso speaker has been designed in the image of Michelangelo’s bust of David, combining nuanced and elegant classical qualities with product design. The speaker look’s like an abstract sculptural piece that you would place on your mantelpiece, allowing guests to compliment and appreciate the artlike speaker. It adopts the same shapes, contours, and tilts as the Bust of David, with slanted shoulders and a slightly angled head, resulting in an incredibly expressive form.

10. Pavy’s Earbuds Design

Designed by Simon Pavy, this innovative earbuds concept is a unique audio device that can be used while traveling, playing sports, or during any activity where we have limited or no access to our smartphones. The nifty device combines AirPods and an AirPods case with a new and improved iPod Nano screen, hence creating a hybrid of the AirPods and the iPod, resulting in a gadget that has no need for a smartphone, since it does it all!