These headphones display currently playing track or custom graphics on the headband


The kind of music you listen to is a true reflection of your personality, but rarely do random strangers get a sneak peek of it. As soon as you put on those pair of cans and get lost in the musical symphonies, it’s a totally personal experience of bliss and euphoria.

We already like the idea of headphones that display track and artist information on the outside but if you’re someone who likes to keep things subtle without missing out on the perks that cool technology brings, you’ve got just the right audio accessory.

Designer: Mark&Draw Studio

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This is a pair of Boinc Headphones in the conceptual stage that tout to make the boinc sounds audible to the keen audiophile ears. But more so, these concept headphones are designed to inculcate a musical social behavior. The user can play their favorite jiving tunes in tandem with their friends or maybe even complete strangers on the subway.

The currently played track is displayed on the outside of the headband and you can pair the futuristic look with ambient lighting running along the whole adorning the cans. The display can also be toggled to display the lyrics, unique graphics, or a compelling message that touches hearts. All this can be synched with the beats of the music for a unified experience of music and visuals.

Coming on to the musical experience, the headphones have a rotating dial to toggle audio levels or adjust the musical curve to the user’s preferred listening taste. We just wish the impedance levels are good to drive them with any mobile device or high-end equipment. Also, the drivers fitted should be of the best quality, after all, everything set apart, it’s all about ear-pleasing music at the end of the day!