Show-off your music vibe with retro-modern headphones sporting a display on the cans

Having evolved from the very first true headphones designed by Nathan Baldwin in the 1890s, these listening machines are now an extension of our personality. The last century has seen headphones go from bulky audio equipment to lightweight cans that sound very close to what the artist intended to create.

In the last decade, the design of headphones has not changed much and emphasis has been laid on ergonomic fit, audio technology and interaction with the gadget for best experience. This concept wants to give the good old headphones an entirely new dimension, and I’m already thumping my feet to the beat.

Designer: Olga Orel

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The FUTUREAHEAD headset wants to address a few basic queries every audiophile is curious about. What will be the new music listening experience and how the gadgets can be more personalized? Well, how about visualizing the playlists, song information or lyrics on the outside of the headphones? The concept headphones get a digital screen integrated into the outer shell to display playlists, videos, the user’s mood, rhythm of the music, genre or images.

If you find the square shape of the cans inspired by the retro design of headphones from the yesteryears, you are absolutely spot on. Olga wants to create unison between retro looks and modern technology while keeping the functionality of headphones at the forefront. According to the designer, “Future Nostalgia as a visual style became a source of inspiration for this project.”

As soon as you put on these over-the-ear headphones, the screen turns on automatically and the companion app opens on your mobile device. Once you hit the play button, the default visualization is shown on the screen. The settings for the display can be toggled in the app and onlookers get a sense of what music you like and get an overall vibe of your lifestyle. Maybe the best way to catch an unassuming date on an evening stroll in the park.

Comfort is kept in mind with the adjustable headband with thick cushioning. If you are running low on battery and want to turn off the display, there’s a button on the right side to do so. Olga Orel has put attention to detail in the making with a very peppy appealing contrast of colors to go with the modern lifestyle. The headphones are available in two color variants – Silver with black or yellow with black – both of which are appealing.