MagSafe-compatible Notebook For Your iPhone Is The Perfect Fusion Of New-Age And Old-School

Rather cleverly called ‘Side Note’, this surprisingly compact leather-bound notebook comes with an integrated pen and a MagSafe-compatible design that lets it snap to your iPhone or onto any magnetic surface. Side Note is a pretty smart way to always ensure you’ve got an analog notepad at your fingertips, for jotting down ideas, journaling, sketching, or quickly noting down information that you deem too precious to enter into your phone, or something you want to jot down without being inundated by notifications and messages. I’m not saying you should use it to cleverly store your passwords… but that’s certainly one way to ensure a hacker never gets access to your data!

Designers: Farhan Hossain, Tomás Rivero & Sohan Kobiri

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $98 (25% off). Hurry, only 20/100 left!

Meticulously crafted with a leatherbound cover and an aluminum housing, Side Note is a pretty handy notepad that gives you the tactile satisfaction of being able to write down notes or scribble ideas and sketches in an analog format (let’s just face it, life is better this way). The papers are eco-friendly and have a premium quality to them, making sketching, writing, and journaling an absolute pleasure, and the paper notebook itself is replaceable too, allowing you to swap out a new set of papers in the same Side Note chassis once you’ve scrawled through the previous set.

Crafted with high-quality, eco-friendly materials, Side Note offers an enjoyable writing experience, making your ideas precious.

Thanks to its MagSafe compatibility, Side Note securely attaches to the back of your iPhone, ensuring that your notebook is always within reach when inspiration strikes.

Side Note is perfect for professionals who need to jot down notes during meetings, students capturing critical information in lectures, METS or others requiring physical paper for record-keeping.

Their patent-pending Pen Dock allows rapid attachment and removal, ensuring your Side Pen is securely docked to your Side Note notebook.

Experience the comfort and utility of a full-sized pen packed into an ultra-compact, sleek design perfectly tailored for on-the-go creativity.

A notepad is pretty much useless without a pen, right? Well, that’s where Side Note’s clever design shines through. Each notebook comes with a patent-pending pen-holder within which sits Side Note’s dedicated Side Pen. The compact pen deploys into a full-size writing instrument with the push of the red clip on its body, and lets you instantly begin writing within seconds. On the inside, a replaceable Mini D1 ballpoint refill ensures you keep going and your pen doesn’t run out before your ideas do.

The beauty of Side Note is in its unique tech-oriented approach. There’s a significant demographic of people who embrace technology, but still appreciate the beauty of analog. A generation that sees a paper and a pen as the ultimate set of tools for brainstorming, sketching, writing, and remembering… whether it’s something as mundane as a grocery list, as intimate as a poem for your loved one, or as important as a game-changing idea for your business. Side Note sits obediently on the back of your iPhone, staying shut thanks to magnets built into the lid (so it doesn’t flap open by accident when you don’t need it). The pen acts as the notepad’s forever sidekick, giving you everything you need to jot down everything that’s on your mind.

The MagSafe-friendly design makes Side Note perfect for all new models of iPhones, although it easily snaps onto surfaces like your whiteboard, fridge, or locker door for easy access. Even for non-iPhone users, Side Note is a brilliantly compact notepad that accompanies you as a part of your EDC, and the designers do plan on selling adhesive MagSafe magnet rings just in case you want to upgrade your Android phone. Side Note and its companion Side Pen come fully machined out of anodized aluminum, along with a full-grain chrome-tanned leather cover to give it that pristine, premium touch. Each notepad contains 40 sheets of 120GSM paper that can be customized to be blank or dotted depending on whether you want to take notes or make sketches. Side Note comes in Ink-Black and Moss-Green color variants, starting at $74. This includes the Side Pen too, along with 3 paper refills.

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $98 (25% off). Hurry, only 20/100 left!