Tiny Minimal Cabin Functions As A Remote Bird Watching Shelter In The British Woodlands

If you’re looking for an interesting little cabin in the woods to get away to and relax, then you’ve reached the right place. Cabins are by far the best space to relax in.  They’re a peaceful and tranquil option to abandon your urban life and woes and unwind in nature. If you’re wondering where to head for your next cabin exploration, then you may want to consider the Hide Cabin, which allows for bird watching!

Designed by Inclume Architects, the Hide Cabin is a picturesque little cabin in the remote woodlands of Thetford, England. The cabin is a protective enclosure for bird watchers, nature lovers, and walkers. It allows visitors to completely immerse themselves in the woodlands, allowing them to truly reconnect with nature, and observe the wildlife, without disturbing the land in the least.


  • Causes minimal disturbance to nature and habitats of the wildlife
  • Draws inspiration from its natural surroundings
  • Designed for optimal functionality, each surface and element has a function


  • The cabin is relatively compact, and may not be able to accommodate more than one person
  • There doesn’t seem to be any comfortable seating option within, which would help for long durations of wildlife/bird watching

Designer: Inclume Architects

The Hide Cabin draws influence from the concept of a bird hide, which is supposed to be a subtle and discreet shelter that can be used to observe wildlife. Hide is designed to embody and capture the essence of ‘escape’, providing nature lovers with the chance to camp out in a calm and tranquil space. The architects tried to infuse the concept of symmetry within the cabin, creating a space that wholly embodies serenity and peace, with access to stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The cabin was built to be simple and minimalistic, yet fully functional.

Although the Hide Cabin has a relatively compact and small footprint, every element and surface of it was designed to serve a function. A large opening on one side functions as the primary shelter accentuated with an upper canopy roof. The front frame view is intended to be a multifunctional piece of joinery that also doubles up as a seat, that can be folded down and sat upon, although it doesn’t look too comfortable for longer durations of sitting. The structure also features a suspended cube that mimics a bird’s nest tucked away in the branches of a tree.

The entire structure can be demounted and relocated to another location in the woodlands. It has a convenient flat-pack design, wherein each of the facade panels is pre-constructed, and slotted together within the main frame on-site. Pre-drilled holes for fixing the panels ensure there is minimal construction noise caused on the site, and the panels can be effortlessly transported by hand or a small cart.