All-black home features an intricate steel facade to allow plants to climb + grow over the house

English architectural studio Giles Miller Studio recently completed ‘Woven’ – one of its first residential projects in Kent, England. The impressive home features a sculptural black facade and is located around a hundred meters from the stunning cliffs and sandy beaches of Broadstairs, Kent. The unique dwelling integrates indoor and outdoor spaces beautifully owing to its facade mentioned above which features some intricate steel latticework.

The facade was created to help the home merge harmoniously with its natural surroundings, allowing nature to grow both indoors and outdoors. Plants are welcome to grow along and up the home’s exterior, while also being visible from within, which adds an even more fascinating twist to the residence.


  • Breaks down the barrier between indoors and outdoors
  • Perfectly integrates nature within the home
  • Provides natural shading


  • The numerous different plants can be challenging to maintain and can become messy and unruly if not cared for properly

Designer: Giles Miller Studio

The external facade of the Woven House is quite interesting since it seems to be a form of detailed and intricate artwork. This intricate latticework forms a framework for the different plants to grow upon – climbing plants such as jasmine and clematis. This allows nature to subtly and beautifully grow from the exterior of the building to the interior, which is possible owing to the generous amount of glass used throughout the home. The facade is also pretty useful as it provides natural shading to the property, which enables the use of massive floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The architects drew inspiration from the circular patterns of the twisted rattan weave and added a three-dimensional element to the home by utilizing recycled ABS modules crafted from electronic component housing waste.

“The buildings we inhabit have a direct impact on our state of mind. Through their design, they curate light, sound, and human interaction, while exposing us to nature and organic materials, resulting in a profoundly positive effect. In harmony with our latest surface and sculptural experimentation, we believe Woven represents a truly unique architectural typology,” said studio founder Giles Miller. The Woven house is designed to be an artistic approach to architecture and design, aiming to elevate and enhance the resident’s experience and concept of space.