Pure Electric’s Ultra-Compact E-Scooter Packs A 710W Motor And A Stunning 24+ Mile Range

Folding to a fraction of its size in just 5 steps, the Advance Flex from Pure Electric affirms the dream of last-mile commutes. It’s small enough to fit under your desk or in the boot of your car, weighs a mere 16kg (35 lb), and packs a 710W motor, powerful enough to get you from A to B in a city regardless of the terrain or the weather condition.

The Advance Flex fulfills the lofty position of being a no-compromise electric commute solution. It’s foldable, portable, powerful, comfortable, and lets you easily weave through roads and sidewalks to get you to your destination in time, often even outshining cars and motorcycles, that may hit higher speeds, but succumb to traffic lights and urban gridlock.

Designer: Pure Electric

For Pure Electric, the Advance Flex ushers in a new era for e-scooters with a forward-stance design. Most e-scooters have a slim standing platform that requires you to stand with one foot at the front and another at the back, but the Advance Flex shakes things up with two dedicated footrests that give you a natural stance with your feet side by side, allowing you to feel more confident while riding and be much more in control. Calling this the “Forward Stance”, the company highlights the important role it plays in just being able to easily hop on or off, and to maneuver the scooter without feeling like you’ll fall over. The side-by-side stance keeps your center of gravity right between your feet, helping you maintain equilibrium as you cruise down city roads.

Speaking of cruising down roads, the Advance Flex’s built-in motor offers 710W of peak power, allowing it to hit the certified maximum speed of 15.5 mph or 25 km/h with ease, while even providing enough torque to drive you uphill too. A 36V / 9.5Ah battery gives the scooter a range of up to 24.8 miles, while the Advance Flex offers 3 driving modes to choose from, letting you prioritize speed over range. An integrated headlight and taillight help you navigate your environment in the dark, and indicators built into each footrest also let people know when you’re turning, establishing rider intent and preventing mishaps.

The 5-step folding design is perhaps the Advance Flex’s biggest user-friendly feature, making it ridiculously compact to carry when not in use. The handlebar has a telescopic collapsible design, while a hinge above the front wheel, and another main hinge right down the middle of the bike’s horizontal member allow it to fold further into a compact form small enough to stow underneath a desk or even in the boot of your car. The last two folding elements (the footrests) complete the closing technique, while the Advance Flex’s kickstand allows the scooter to still hold its vertical stance even when folded. In its folded format, the e-scooter measures a mere 24.4 inches in length, 22.4 inches tall, and 11.8 inches wide. Open it out and the resulting full-size e-scooter measures 41 inches long, stands tall at 42.5 inches, and measures 23.6 inches wide.

The two foldable footrests give the Advance Flex its “Forward Stance”

Designed for modern, urban use, the Pure Electric Advance Flex comes with a few nifty features that make riding safe, intuitive, and backed by innovation. The Advance Flex is IP65 dust and water-resistant and comes with tubeless tires and an entirely repairable design. It has 3 speed modes along with a cruise-control setting and Pure Control™ Steering Stabilisation for reliable driving. A smartphone app also lets you access your e-scooter’s added features, checking battery level and even scooter maintenance stats. Aside from being able to pretty much stash your scooter anywhere including the boot of your car, the Pure Electric app also lets you digitally lock your e-scooter with a PIN code, adding an extra layer of security to your ride.

The Pure Advance Flex e-bike is a Platinum Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.