Doggy Igloo will be a refreshing haven for your pooch during the hottest months of the year

Each doghouse is made with its own USP. If some are built with thick mattresses for comfort, there are others made with playfulness in mind. But a designer thinks existing kennels have not addressed the requirement of dogs that get hot in summers: by virtue of the environment or the thickness of their fur!

Seungmean Lee is clear about the fact that we need to care for our furry friends, especially during the scorching summer months. Since humans have the ability to regulate their body temperature, pets often struggle to stay cool, and need special attention, he believes. This is particularly true for certain breeds like Siberian Huskies and Malamutes who are more susceptible to the heat due to their polar habitation or double coat. As responsible pet owners, we need to provide them with a cool environment where they can seek relief from the sweltering heat and this is where Igloo comes in.

Designer: Seungmean Lee

Air conditioning may not be a viable option for all pet owners, as it is neither practical nor healthy for dogs to be kept in an artificially cooled space all the time. An innovative solution thereby can help pets beat the heat. The igloo is a specially designed resting place capable of creating a cool environment for pets, regardless of their breed or natural habitat.

With an igloo, all pets can enjoy the benefits of a cool space freely and comfortably helping them stay happier and healthier anywhere. Igloo features a streamlined passage and an inner dome structure that ensures optimal functionality and safety while allowing your dog to move in and out of the cool environment effortlessly.

The Igloo operates automatically via sensors embedded within the entrance. When the temperature is high, it will sense the pet entering and alter the temperature you have set to your pet’s comfort. The thoughtfully designed passage of the Igloo ensures that the cold air inside does not circulate out of the Igloo, maintaining a consistently cool interior.

Operating the igloo and its automatic cooling system is as simple as its idea. With a press of the power button located at the top, you can activate the dog house. Depending on the situation, you can set (or preset, if you’re stepping out of the house) the wind strength or temperature to create a perfectly cool resting place for your furry companion.

The Igloo incorporates an external micro camera that allows you to keep an eye on your furry friend from afar, ensuring you have a tab on well-being through real-time monitoring. Given its automatic cooling system, interesting construction and an idea every pooch will love, Igloo deserves to see the light of day.