The Fastest Way to Set Up Your Hammock with Anymaka: Just 3 Seconds!

Humans have a deeply ingrained connection to rocking to and fro. It’s how we were put to sleep as kids, it’s how we spend our time as elderly folk in rocking chairs, and that’s why swings and hammocks have such a profound effect on us. I personally believe the world would be a much better, happier place if everyone had a hammock… but the reality is that hammocks are difficult and time-consuming to set up, often requiring the presence of two trees or solid hooking points to assemble. Designed to make this easier (because everyone deserves some hammock time), the anymaka hammock stand comes with a compact, foldable, easy-to-set-up design that takes all of 3 seconds to go from folded to open. When folded, it’s pleasantly easy to carry around… but open it up and it transforms into a nifty hammock stand that you can use indoors, outdoors, on grass, sand, or terrain. Mount your hammock onto it and in an instant, life becomes better as your stresses melt away. No trees required!

Designer: anymaka Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $606 ($257 off). Hurry, only 13/650 left! Raised over $490,000.

The beauty of the anymaka lies in its brilliant combination of design and engineering. Created following thousands of tests and prototypes to arrive at the perfect solution, the anymaka comes with a patent-pending Snap-Fold design that opens up in mere seconds. Once open, the anymaka rests securely on four legs, and comes with two supports to hook your hammock to. The supports can be extended or contracted using 8 adjustable slider points. Shorten the stand and the hammock hangs low, like a swinging chair; extend the supports and you get a taut hammock that’s perfect for lying down on. anymaka’s lightweight frame comes made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with carbon steel bolts that can collectively take up to 550lbs of weight. The powder-coated aluminum is corrosion-resistant, while rubberized anti-slip legs allow your hammock to pretty much securely affix itself anywhere, whether it’s your patio, the beach, or even the terrain around your campsite.

3 Seconds Setup – anymaka’s patent-pending Snap-Fold design sets up in 3 seconds for instant relaxation anywhere.

Portable Hammocking On-the-Go – The lightweight design of anymaka (23 lbs / 10.4 kg) offers backyard loungers and car campers the ultimate mobility. Hang anywhere with ease, whether it’s at the campsite, riverside, backyard, or the living room.

One Motion, Infinite Foldability – With just a single, smooth pull, the anymaka hammock stand gracefully folds, allowing you to quickly carry it or stow it away with ease.

Easy to Carry & Trunk-friendly – Stows neatly in your trunk and can be easily carried on your shoulder or by hand using the padded strap and convenient handle.

Chair & Lounge Modes in One – With a quick slide, effortlessly switch between Chair Mode and Lounge Mode to achieve the perfect position.

Customize to Fit Any Posture – With 8 tension adjustment points on each arm, anymaka grants you the freedom to tailor your ultimate off-ground escape.

Unmatched Capacity – Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, anymaka can effortlessly support a weight of up to 550 lbs/250 kg without any wobbling or touching the ground.

Anti-slip Feet for All Terrain – Engineered to adapt to diverse outdoor environments, anymaka’s feet are made with anti-slip materials and feature a large contact area.

Canopy Kit – The anymaka canopy, with UPF 50+ fabric, blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays, protecting you during outdoor enjoyment. The canopy is splash-proof with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating, keeping you protected from sudden showers.

Craving a hammock session but it’s too sunny out? Well, the anymaka has a solution for that too in the form of a canopy attachment that gives you shade and up to UPF 50+ protection in the harsh sun. The canopy works pretty much like an outdoor umbrella, and can be angle-adjusted to match the position of the sun relative to your hammock. Need a place to stash your belongings? There’s even a phone, keys, and cup-holder built into the anymaka hammock stand! Let’s just say the designers take their passion for hammocking very seriously!

When folded shut, the anymaka fits into a small duffle measuring just 41-inches across, making it perfect to store in your car, pickup truck, or even on your patio. The stand itself weighs a mere 23lbs (10kg), and is easy enough to be set up by pretty much anyone. Folding the stand is as quick as setting it up. Simply pull the hook and slide it down, making it easy to grab and go. The anymaka hammock stand ships with a lifetime warranty (and a free carrying case) for just $209. This doesn’t include the hammock itself, although the stand is designed to be used with any hammock you own. If you want the entire kit, for $349, you’ll also get a robust 40D Ripstop Nylon hammock, along with the adjustable canopy, and that convenient cup/phone/key holder.

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $606 ($257 off). Hurry, only 13/650 left! Raised over $490,000.