Quirky baby pink wine table will hold your wine bottle/glasses for your yard picnics this summer

Being stuck at home during the pandemic really did teach us a few lessons. One is that you can do a lot at home, especially in your backyard! It definitely made us realize we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…depending on how we do them up. You can turn your backyard into an ideal date spot for you and your partner, host a barbecue party or throw a picnic or two this summer!  And a furniture design that could truly elevate your backyard, and add a whole lot of spark and character to it is the Wine Table by Gustaf Westman.

Designer: Gustaf Westman

It’s summertime, and summer means a hint of fun, heat, and a glass of pina colada or chilled wine in our hands. If you’re someone who loves hosting friends in your yard for the occasional picnic or two, then this Wine Table by Gustaf Westman is the furniture design you’ve not only been looking for but also dreaming of! Balancing a wine bottle, while attending to your guests, and playing the role of the perfect host can be difficult, not to mention you need to take in the hot summer temperatures into consideration as well. But this is where this adorable, baby-pink table comes into the picture.

Paying tribute to the Barbiecore season, the chonky yet winding table features curved legs that provide it with a generous amount of stability, and an impressive style quotient. It’s equipped with a unique cratered center to hold your bottle of wine, two flat tabletops to hold your snacks, and two double-pronged limbs to place your wine glass in. Gustaf’s contemporary wine table is the perfect culmination of functionality, ergonomics, and stunning visual aesthetics!

“The wine table is specially designed for a wine bar called Vingården in Stockholm. I love it when furniture is interactive, and this idea started with a simple question: What if you slide the wine glass into the table instead of putting it on the table? The functionality was the most important aspect, and the design came afterward,” said the designer. The fantastic furniture design isn’t only limited to outdoor use, you can use it within your home as well, for those movie nights when you want to sip on a glass of wine, without having to reach out to your coffee table.