Half-sized Sheets of Toilet Paper

I’m a big fan of paper towels perforated into smaller sizes because not every mess demands a giant square sheet but can toilet paper benefit from the same design? HowGee looks like every other roll of toilet paper but the sheets are perforated at half-sizes. Ultimately the designers hope by letting you choose how much to use, you’ll save paper. So let’s think about what we use toilet paper for because lets be frank, not every “mess” in the bathroom demands a full-size sheet right? RIGHT?

Designer: Kim Jungwoo, Ahn JoongGeun & Moon Hyunsuk


  • brian t says:

    I always wondered what designers did when they ran out of ideas. Talk about scraping the bottom of the … never mind!

  • iheresss says:

    No wasted space? How you you hold it in hand, then?

  • heavystarch says:

    Let’s examine the uses for TP in the bathroom in order of most use:

    1. Wiping one’s ass – certainly no half sheet will do.

    2. Wiping one’s vagina – I have no idea but I assume more than a half sheet.

    3. Blowing your nose goblins at least 2 sheets to fold over in order to resit the massive, focused wind attack coming from your nasal canals.

    4. Wiping the pee drops and pubes from around the edge of the toilet – at least 1 full sheet and better to have 2 folded over to avoid touching the nasty rim.

    5. Pleasing oneself to the point of ecstasy. Based on my numerous laboratory trials, I conclude that at least 4-5 full sheets are needed for full disposal and cleanup depending on the buildup of material that day.

    So I’m left wondering what a half sheet of toilet paper would be good for. OH yeah saving the environment. This sounds like a bad idea – everyone who was forced to buy a “Low Flow” toilet just ends up flushing 2-3x in order to get their load to go down. So it didn’t really save water did it. (I guess for trivial #1’s it saved water but at my place if it’s yellow – let it mellow tends to play out with my kids – even when it’s brown they forget to flush it down from time to time). TMI

  • Jason Wang says:

    I hate to say this, but this is not design.

  • ronald says:

    Come on guys, you are saying 3 designers ended up just to “cut length” of the tissue for your design solution?

    It’s the right thickness and total length that matters when you wipe your ass or blowing your nose. It’s not what the standard cut size is that makes the difference. Even if you have shorter cut size, you still need the same amount of thickness and length to do the same job.

    Look at how Shigeru Ban tried to solve the same problems with the square toilet roll. http://www.perinijournal.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=876&Itemid=41&lang=en
    See how he’s put his design thinking and philosophy, his understanding of user behavior into designing his simple square toilet paper.

    Something that has some glamour shots and illustration doesn’t mean that it’s a design work. Why not just say you made a shorter pencil, or a pen, a smaller light bulb, a smaller monitor screen to save material and energy? I just absolutely agree with brian t that you ran out of ideas.

  • Ray says:

    I’ve always found that people will always use just as much toilet paper as they think they need regardless of how large the sheet is or how many ply

  • eddd says:

    according to their detailed study and nicely illustrated soiled paper pics, we could save even more by cutting the width of the roll in half.
    There is still unused space on the left side.

    Please add me to the list of inventors when you apply for a patent. Infringers will be shot!!

  • Udo says:

    Dude, this is Pulitzer material. Get off the forums and get yourself some national recognition. And oh, yeah you got my vote for president.

  • Ayana says:

    People use toilet paper for other purposes such as blowing one’s nose when one has a cold or absorbing common spills around the house, although paper towels are more used for this particular purpose.

  • nicolulu says:

    Useless idea, great comments ! I like this kind of news. 🙂

  • rob.rofl says:

    ONE cut of paper is already pretty useless… why make it smaller?

  • Jimmy C says:

    even though heavystarch was a bit harsh, I have to agree he has a point. I never use one sheet at a time, I take whole wads to clean myself.

  • kev says:

    definitely not the length of each sheet will matter.. coz i make the most of my sheet by perfect holding.. but the width will be more beneficial

  • klimartews says:

    Подскажите, как тут вставить фото?
    Я вот пробую, но никак не выходит 🙁

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