Kollection of Kawaii Kabinets!


The Kyotomoji boxes take Japan’s passion for storage and organization and add an element of ‘kawaii’ to it. These adorably small boxes come in colorful and even characteristic avatars that not only help you store and segregate things, they look like little emojis sitting on your tabletops!

The Kyotomoji are designed to seamlessly integrate into your life and remove all clutter. They’re perfectly sized for your desk, mantelpiece, bedside table, or even your bathroom. Classically Japanese, minimal design allows this mini-chest of drawers to blend into any decor style, and its choice of available colors add a splash of vibrancy to your home, letting it fit in, yet stand out. Each box comes with four dedicated storage units that are perfect for your everyday belongings or even your precious keepsakes. Their playfully small footprint even make them perfect for children’s rooms! The Kyotomoji even comes with a wire guide for your smartphone/gadget charger, a tiny innocuous feature that makes owning the Kyotomoji a pleasant, heartwarming experience! Plus getting to choose which emoji face you want your box to wear is just the most adorable method of self expression.

The Kyotomoji boxes are handmade out of solid bamboo with fine Japanese craftsmanship we often hear about, and are built to stay strong and last long. They’re also water-resistant and incredibly easy to clean. The minimal design ensures dust doesn’t gather in any nooks or corners, and even if the Kyotomoji does get dirty, a simple stroke of a wiping cloth is enough have it looking spanking new.

If you’ve made your 2017 new year resolution to cut down on clutter, the Kyotomoji is the ideal mini-storage for you… and if you haven’t made your resolutions yet, well what are you waiting for?!

Designer: Xavier Perennou

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