A contemporary cremation vessel that doubles as a beautiful planter


The most perceptively different and touching aspect about the Planturn is that it isn’t a painful, traditional reminder of the passing of a loved one. When a friend’s father passed away, C.C. Boyce was asked to create an urn when her friend couldn’t find anything unique or memorable. C.C. did a bit of research only to learn that the cremation vessel market lacked a bespoke touch. She went on to design the Planturn, half cremation urn, half planter. Designed as a celebration of life, rather than a grim metaphor for death, the Planturn is something that brings joy, not sadness. Made with two halves that snap together magnetically, the Planturn holds ashes in its lower half, while the upper half (separated from the ashes) serves as a planter, holding a plant in the memory of your loved one.

Needless to say, when C.C. posted a picture of the prototype urn she made for her friend, she was flooded with requests from people who wanted the memory of their loved one to live on vicariously through a plant, rather than sit inside an urn on a mantelpiece. This sparked the birth of the Planturns… vessels that embody life after death.

The Planturns come in two finishes, a speckled maple wood that’s white and pristine, and a sycamore and walnut wood that elegantly shows off the two colors of the woods. The urn, split into an upper and lower half, unites using rare earth magnets that strongly hold it together, making sure the urn stays intact even if knocked over by accident. The Planturn comes along with a glass vessel that holds a plant (a bonsai, shrub, or succulent), while a muslin bag carries the ashes in the Planturn’s base. The urn comes in three sizes, from small to medium and large, with bases that hold different volumes of ashes.

Designed to beautifully complement the spaces in which the urns are kept, as well as honor the memory of the passed, the Planturns evoke happiness and remembrance. Traditional urns can often be painful reminders of the passing of a loved one. The Planturn, on the other hand, is a beautifully designed object that focuses on life, love, and everything in between.

Designer: C.C. Boyce of Boyce Studio

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The Planturns is a handmade cremation urns that double as decorative planters.

The top of the urn holds the plant, and the cremains are housed in the bottom. The top and bottom of the urn are secured by hidden rare earth magnets. The magnets are extremely strong, so even if the urn gets knocked over, the contents will be safe.

Included with the urn is a hand waxed muslin bag to hold your loved one’s cremains. Muslin was chosen to echo traditional burial shrouds.

All the Planturns come with a glass or ceramic holder for whatever you choose to put in the top of your Planturn. You can place an air plant in there, plant a low maintenance succulent, or change it up with the seasons.

Click Here to Buy Now: $200 $275 (27% off) Hurry, only 1/10 left!