How this personal air conditioner brings comfortable and sustainable ways to keep you cool

Our summers seem to get hotter by the year, so it’s not surprising to see the desire for more efficient cooling solutions to also heat up. Typical air conditioning units can keep a whole room cool, but these power-hungry machines are unable to take into account how different people have different thermal needs and tolerances. There is also a new breed of wearable cooling devices entering the market, but many of these sadly don’t take proper medical precautions in making sure they don’t cool down the wrong parts of the body. Considering all these, it almost sounds as if keeping cool is too complicated, and that’s not even considering how to accomplish that anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t have to be, though, and it could be as simple as wearing an unobtrusive wearable device on your wrist, which is exactly what this innovative personal air conditioner brings to your life.

Designer: Che Jing

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Many of the so-called portable cooling devices are only a step up from how people would place ice pads on their skin to quickly cool down their bodies. Unfortunately, some of these are applied to areas where vital organs are located, creating side effects such as high blood pressure, dizziness, or even ischemic stroke. Haphazardly applying extremely cold material on random parts of your skin could also constrict the blood vessels underneath and induce temperature imbalance across your body. The good news is that the answer is just within our hands, no pun intended, with research revealing that you only need to lower the temperature of your wrist over a few minutes to also make your body feel cooler.

The Silent Cicada uses that scientific principle to deliver a wearable cooling solution that doesn’t have to wrap around your neck or waist or involve sticking awkward pads on different parts of your body. It’s as simple as wearing a bracelet for a few minutes, letting it do its magic to cool your wrist down and induce a comfortable feeling throughout your whole body. Using advanced superconductor technology and superior thermal management, the wearable device converts electricity into coolness without the need for messy water or bulky compressors.

This personal air conditioner isn’t just lightweight and comfortable to wear, it’s also more efficient and significantly more sustainable than other options in the market. It works by directly cooling the blood circulating in your body rather than the air around you, so no energy is wasted and you won’t bother other people. It doesn’t get in your way either, and you can even use it while you’re doing other activities, even while using your hands. It can even act as an emergency ice pack on your forehead to provide quick relief from a fever. And because of its unique technology, no harmful substances like coolants are necessary, helping you save the environment in the long run.

The summer heat might be unbearable, but that doesn’t mean you need to burden yourself with inefficient and uncomfortable cooling gimmicks. This rather striking wrist wearable cools down your body without hassles and without harming the environment as well. So beat the summer heat the smart and comfortable way with the Silent Cicada, starting at only $120.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119. Hurry, for a limited time only.