Penny Saved Is Penny Earned: Unplug Reminder

So how many of you actually remember to switch off your gadgets from the mains and/or unplug them (saves power costs in the long run!). Not many I guess, the Ace Plug is like an eco-voice that makes sure you do a job out of it; otherwise it will annoy the hell out of you with its pesky noises, till you yank out the plug. There is another highlight to the thang, in the darkness, in case you have the inclination to plug-in gadgets; it has this sweet spotlight that you can flick on. Saves you the trip of switching on big lights!

Designers: Lai You Cheng, Liu Kai Ping & Liu Chen Guang

Ace Plug Eco Friendly Plug Concept by Lai You Cheng, Liu Kai Ping & Liu Chen Guang




  • kix says:

    so you want to SAVE energy through ADDING a product / parts?

  • MySchizoBuddy says:

    sockets and switches in my house have a small fluorescent ring on them so they glow in the dark. thats a much better ‘existing’ solution than putting a bulb in the plug.

    • dy3 says:

      I concur with myschizobuddy. if you need lighting concerned with plug/socket, changing socket part is more efficient and feasible than changing all product’s plugs in your home

  • ad says:

    i agree with kix..what a lousy idea to add a battery, electronics and LED in the plug..
    i assume te pluig shuts off power completely when the attached product goes into standby.which can be different from product to is this programmed in?

  • farakor says:

    Can anyone say me how can I create those hands? I mean is there any software to draw it except photoshop or illustrator?

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