This two-story tiny home redefines modern micro-living setups

I love a good tiny home! They are a space-saving and eco-friendly living solution that reduces the load on Mother Earth. They’re simple and minimal alternatives to the imposing, materialistic dwellings that seem to have taken over. And they’re also notable for their ability and gift to maximize the use of limited space. German builder Vagabundo has elevated this gift to a whole another level with the Vagabundo Flex – a two-story tiny home that can expand over two levels!

Designer: Vagabundo

What makes the Vagabundo Flex super special, is the fact that it can be extended over two levels, owing to an automated lifting root system, that further enhances the convenience and comfort of this unique tiny home. Constructed on a sturdy steel platform, the Vagabundo Flex was built using timber framing, wood fiber insulation, and double-glazed wood aluminum windows that have been laminated with safety glass, and three-layer fir wood for the interior paneling.

The Vagabundo Flex’s innovative and unique design supports the roof in rising to an impressive height of 20.3 ft, in turn creating a spacious interior that occupies 300 square feet. Vagabundo’s ingenious solution is designed to ensure that bulky elements do not disrupt the aesthetics and beauty of the home. In fact, the bulky elements have been smartly concealed in the corners and tucked away in cupboards. The oak pillars have been installed upstairs, to provide safety redundancy.

The interiors of the Vagabundo Flex are modern, comfortable, and minimal. The tiny home has been amped with all the essential amenities, as well as massive panoramic windows and timber furnishings. The ground floor of the home features an open-plan layout, equipped with three folding doors that extend out to the outdoor terrace, as well as a lounge area, a modern kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower and an incineration toilet.

The second floor of the home showcases an expansive bedroom space with a porthole window and an additional nook which is excellent for people who work remotely. However, at the moment the Vagabundo Flex currently does not feature any safety railings on the stairs or upper level, creating potential safety issues for residents. The Vagabundo Flex is available for sale in Germany and within Europe with prices starting from €179,987 (about US$195,500).