Garmin Lumina portable light for campers and hikers has it’s own satellite communication module

Garmin is a pioneer in GPS technology adaptation for lifestyle products – durable and reliable smartwatches and communication devices being its crowning achievement. While you bet on taking the Instinct 2X Solar to your next big expedition, another reliable camping product from the American, Swiss-domiciled tech MNC would do no harm.

This is a concept lantern envisioned for Garmin, packed with the advanced GPS tech that we all swear by. The designers call it the Garmin Lumina lantern, and for obvious reasons.

Designer: Dan Nguyen

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The clip-on camping accessory can be attached to a tree branch, belt loop, cord, or tent via the robust carabiner. When you don’t desire to use the clip-on function, it can be concealed into the base for portable use. It’s quite slim and can easily be stuffed into a tent pocket or backpack without taking up much space. The non-slip exterior is made for outdoor use and the waterproofing feature makes it well-suited for rain-soaked days.

According to Dan, the portable lantern’s design is inspired by Garmin InReach Mini, and the compact form factor addresses the similarity. The adaptation of satellite communication features is what sets this portable light apart from other similar offerings in the market.

The Halo light surrounding the outer frame indicates there is an incoming/outgoing message from loved ones. Orange indicates that a message is being sent, green denotes a sent message, while red means the message is not sent. It also sends back your current location to loved ones at set time intervals, no matter where you are out in the cliffs. Another important safety feature that could mean the difference between life and death.

Other than this unique function the lantern has most features found on such accessories. The white light can be toggled for intensity level as desired. It can be juiced up with a USB-C connecting cable, and although the designer hasn’t informed about the battery capacity, we assume it’s going to be stellar.