This foldable “Venus of Willendorf” inspired chair literally puts you in the lap of art history

The Venus of Willendorf is a significant figure in art history since it is thought to have been created between 30,000 and 25,000 BCE, making it one of the world’s oldest known works of art to have been discovered.

Furniture design is an art that seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. The Venus Folding Chair, with its gorgeous design and usefulness, is an excellent example of this idea. This foldable chair not only provides a cozy seating option but also gives any room a sense of style and history. The Venus Folding Chair, which was created with great care and attention to detail, stands out as an example of how form and function can be creatively combined. Because any chair represents a similar sitting person, allowing people to be comfortable, this figure of a sitting woman can be changed into a chair. It’d be similar to sitting on her lap.

Designer: Lameice Abu Aker, Manali Patel and Eva Castany

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The design and shape of most Venus sculptures are identical. They are often lozenge-shaped, with a large fat belly tapering to the head and legs, and no arms, feet, or face detail. Furthermore, their sexual organs are deliberately exaggerated.

The Venus Folding Chair’s space-saving folding mechanism is one of its most notable characteristics. The chair’s fold-and-store capabilities make it a practical and convenient design. For people with limited room or those who frequently host events or gatherings, this option is especially helpful. A chair is an excellent option for tiny flats, outdoor events, or temporary seating arrangements due to its compact and folding design, which makes storage simple. The form of the figure was outlined by the designer and translated into a chair. It has 2 points of joinery on either side of the chair which have channels for the lower structure to slide upward when the chair is in the folded state.

This creative and simple design can be disassembled very easily into just 4 parts; the mesh seat, the back structure, the front support, and the base.

The chair is a sustainable product on multiple levels. The foldable design can be flat-packed which allows it to be stacked and transported easily. This makes the product transport-efficient and reduces its carbon footprint, allowing more chairs to be shipped in the same amount of space. It can be used around the house as an extra chair as well and can fit in the minimum available space. The single-line nature of the chair makes it even easier to pick up and move around as it has the space to be held all across. Overall, it’s surely a conversation starter and a great pick for history and art buffs who enjoy the evolution and adaptations of classics.

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