Wolf Rigs Hummer Camper is robust and capable entrant in the crowded adventure camper market

No matter how crowded the adventure camper market begins to appear, creative minds manage to rub the lamp of genius to germinate a fresh perspective. So, if you had begun to feel that every other camper was looking pretty much the same; spare a moment for the Hummer Camper from self-taught enthusiasts at Wolf Rigs. Hello – just a thought – we have a lot more to discuss!

Wolf Rigs dubs this guy as the “go-anywhere overland comfort castle,” after a good sight at the images, I’m sure you’d be left with little doubt. For whatever little skepticism, the camper is a converted Hummer H1 designed to stream roll over the petit RVs, thanks to its dominant look and the Humvee chassis.

Designer: Wolf Rigs

This military-grade camper is called the Patton and, as expected from the look of things, it features a shell and frame made completely from aluminum; essentially to keep the weight of the vehicle as light as possible. On the outside it may strike dominance with its beastly appearance, on the inside, this guy has been nurtured with utmost care and fineness. The spacious interior makes provision for a queen size bed just above the cockpit, a serviceable kitchen, lounge area, and a spacious bathroom with a shower and customized toilet that retracts into the wall to save space.

Passengers get a comfortable headroom and a lot of space for cooking and sitting, which ensures the comfort is never compromised, no matter where your Overlanding adventure takes you. The interiors are naturally lit with skylights and windows in the loft; cooking is catered to by a two-burner stove and a slide-out fridge.

Besides the living space, which we have just discussed in a gist above, the rear door of the Patton opens to reveal the storage section. This spacious section holds the gear and necessary supplies including a propane tank, jerry cans of water, shovel, telescoping ladder, spare tire, and lot more. We learn that Wolf Rigs allows customizing the Patton with installs you’d want but cannot assure what these necessarily are, at the time of writing. What we can assure is that despite being the most feature-rich campers for an off-road expedition, Patton means business and it shows outright in its appearance. So, if you have had an adventure lined up where not many recreational vehicles would go, give Patton a try!