This 2-in-1 scissor design breaks tradition, takes center stage on desks

Often relegated to drawers for safety, scissors are typically viewed as mundane tools. But one standout pair, offered by YD Select, transforms the ordinary into a pleasing piece of decor.

Workspaces usually contain two types of items: practical tools to accomplish tasks and decorative elements meant to please the senses. Increasingly, stationery and desk tools are marrying these functions, especially in designs that adopt minimalist aesthetics. The Scissors with Base expertly bridge these two worlds, presenting a tool that both inspires awe and ensures functionality with every snip.

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Most scissors fall into two categories. One is designed purely for practicality, to cut through challenges. The other is often so aesthetically pleasing it appears almost too attractive to use. The Scissors with Base straddle both these categories, blending function with an aesthetic that showcases their strength. Their wide, flat blades echo industrial tools, while their black Japanese steel body signals durability.

Yet, the Scissors with Base are not a brutish tool that needs to be stowed away. Their simple design sets them apart from other desk items. The extruded part of one of the finger rings, or the “tang,” becomes a visual anchor that guides the gaze toward the scissors’ center, drawing attention to their sturdy blades.

The tang’s unusual shape isn’t merely decorative; it’s a blend of form and function. Turn the scissors around and hold them by the blades, and they instantly become a box cutter. This removes the need for a separate tool.

Accessibility is made easier with a custom-made disc base. A magnet lets the scissors stand upright, the sharp tip securely tucked inside the base. The Scissors with Base are more than a useful tool; they’re a testament to fine craftsmanship. They stand proudly on your desk like a monument, always ready to slice through your tasks with a satisfying crunch.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $49 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Father’s Day sale ends in 48 hours!