Portable sauna lets you have a great view while relaxing inside

If you’re a fan of saunas, it would probably be a nice thing to have a semi-portable one that you can take with you, disassemble and assemble easily, and put up in various terrains and places. It will of course be a pretty big undertaking and maybe it would be easier to just look for a sauna that’s near to where you’re vacationing or staying but that shouldn’t stop designers from coming up with something innovative when it comes to this kind of structure.

Designer: BIVAK Studio

The SAUNABIVAK is one such kind of structure that is pre-fabricated and easily transportable to various terrains and places so you can have a tranquil space with you on your retreat or vacation. It has a double-layer glass wall that lets you still have a view of the mountains or forests or beach where you have installed the sauna. It also uses cross-laminated timber panels that are layer-glued and stands on four legs so you still have a stable yet flexible structure and can easily be assembled and transported.

It is also weather resistant and protected against insects since it is treated with linseed oil by firing. Inside you are able to get natural ventilation which is important for a sauna. Obviously, you also get good heating through its simple firewood system. The legs are made from recycled construction industry waste so you don’t need to rely on slabs for the formwork and concreting. The size and weight of the SAUNABIVAK is in accordance with towing rules of Europe and you only need two people and probably an hour to install it when it reaches its destination.

Having a relaxing sauna with a view is a great way to spend your tranquil and serene vacation. This unique structure is an innovation that you can add to your arsenal if it’s something that you can afford and have access to. The fact that it’s simple enough to assemble and to use is a big bonus as well as you don’t need something that will stress you out. I for one will dream of one day spending time in a sauna like this.