Here’s how to live and walk in the clouds

There is far more to successful architecture than how the building looks; for it to accomplish its desired aim it must be congruous with its surroundings whilst simultaneously making a statement of its own – this is exactly what the Cloud House has achieved.

Positioned in the Southern Alps in Queensland, New Zealand, it has been designed to complement the snowy peaks that surround it. It gets its name from the stainless-steel membrane that encases the upper section of the building; not only does this create a visually striking and undeniably unique visual that is reminiscent of clouds, but also provides functional benefits as it performs as a sun diffuser and heater/cooler.

The visually light, cloud-like structure sits upon a harsh, concrete base that cuts into the gentle elevation change of the hillside. This creates a distinct juxtaposition between the two levels and introduces an element of suspense into the building.

Designer: Illya Rastvorov