Leaf-inspired lounge chair and sunbed is the perfect addition to your yard this summer

We definitely shouldn’t underestimate our backyards. They can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…depending on how we do them up. You can turn your backyard into an ideal date spot for you and your partner, or host a barbecue party! By adding a smart and functional mix of furniture designs to your yard, you can transform them into the ultimate lounging zone. And a great addition to your backyard would be The Orfo lounge chair and sunbed.

Designer: Miray Özlem ER

Designed by Miray Özlem ER, the Orfo lounge chair and sunbed is quite a quirky and eccentric-looking piece of furniture. The designer drew inspiration from Mother Nature herself while designing the chair. If you look at the chair closely, it may remind you of a leaf or an exotic-looking plant. The woven pattern of the chair and its dusky green color were characteristics that Miray picked up from nature. The body of the chair is made up of interwoven and intersecting stretching bands. Besides the entire body, the bands also cover the legs of the chair. The bands were built using a polyester-based technical fabric, and they have a high mechanical resistance to the sun and strong color stability.

The use of the stretching bands is extremely interesting since they make the chair quite cozy and comfortable to lounge on, without the use of any kind of cushioning. The lounge chair was designed in such a manner, that when the user lays down on it, no part of his/her body touches any metallic components or surfaces. All the user can feel is comfortable fabric, creating a super cushy seating experience. As mentioned earlier, the texture and color of the elastic bands are inspired by leaves, hence giving the Orfo lounge chair a rather organic and natural aesthetic, allowing it to perfectly blend with your backyard.

You could add multiple Orfo chairs to your yard, creating a super cool and chill spot for your family and close friends to hang about in the summer. Currently, the Orfo chair is a conceptual design, but I would love to see it as a real tangible product someday soon.