Air Case 2 is an inflated blend of style and security for your beloved iPhone

With each new iPhone rendition comes a slew of iPhone cases – some from new companies and many from industry-leading names, and makes it tough and stressful for us to choose an option. With countless competitors vying for attention, it’s challenging also for the accessory creators to stand out from the crowd. Amidst the sea of mundane offerings, one concept from Running Guy Studio Design Studio in London, UK shines with its unique style.

The Running Guy, an experimental design and fashion studio, brought a breath of fresh air to the iPhone case market first with the Air Case. It was an innovative case that deviated from traditional materials like leather, plastic, fabric, or rubber, to provide a refreshing alternative that caught curious eyes.

Designer: The Running Guy

After the Air Case made ripples among designers and fans, the studio is back with the next iteration: Air Case 2. What sets the Air Case 2 apart is its bloated textured pattern, which will beautifully complement Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15. This case is not only a fashion statement but will provide all-around protection for your valuable device.

Conceptualized by the talented product designer Philipp Pisarevskiy, the Air Case 2 is designed to absorb impact from any side. Its bloated cushions act as a shield, preventing the energy of a fall impact from reaching your smartphone. Also, the case adheres firmly to your iPhone, with its protruding contours ensuring a secure grip.

But that’s not what the Air Case 2 is all about. An interesting eye-grabber here is the plethora of color options it is revealed in. By incorporating this ingenious design and color options, the Air Case 2 significantly reduces the chances of your phone accidentally slipping out and your phone looking differently attractive.

Air Case 2 excels in style and protection but it does come with a limitation. Due to its peculiar design, it is not compatible with MagSafe accessories. This might be a drawback for users who rely on the convenience and functionality offered by MagSafe technology. However, for those who prioritize superior protection and a distinctive aesthetic, the Air Case 2 presents an enticing option.