Cleverly Designed Pill-Bottle With Gumball Mechanism Will Dispense a Single Pill Every Time You Press Down

Every memory I’ve had of opening a pill bottle (whether for vitamins, painkillers, or even a bottle of Tic Tac) has involved me shaking the bottle in my hand, dispensing way too many pills, and then putting all the excess pills back one by one. No matter how small or wide the pill bottle’s opening, you’re either struggling to open the bottle, take the pills out, or put the pills back in because the bottle vastly overestimated how many you’d need. While that isn’t really one of life’s biggest problems, it’s definitely one worth solving – even more so for people with limited control over their mobility. Designed to make dispensing pills easy every single time, the SoloPill is an award-winning pill bottle that uses a mechanism borrowed from the popular gumball machine.

Designer: Solopill Inc.

With a form factor that’s reminiscent of a pepper mill, the SoloPill comes with a unique mechanism that segregates the pills before dispensing them one by one. The mechanism is quite similar to the one you’d see on a gumball machine, and to activate it, all you do is press down on the top. A single press causes the mechanism to collect and segregate individual pills into a ratcheted rotating funnel, dropping them one by one out of the opening at the bottom and into the SoloPill’s collecting plate. Need two pills? Press twice. Simple!

While taking medicines is by no stretch a fun activity, the SoloPill makes one aspect of it easier. It’s perfect for people who struggle with pill bottles due to limited mobility or even visibility, allowing you to easily dispense the right amount of pills even in the dark or at night. While designed to be used with relative ease, the SoloPill has a built-in child lock to prevent kids from getting their hands on your medication. Its clear design makes it perfect for seeing the pills inside, so you know when you’re running low, and there’s ample space for branding or labeling, so you know which medicine you’re taking.

The SoloPill is a winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award for the year 2023.