These special art-filaments are like oil-paints for your 3D printer

You could either sketch with an ordinary pencil, or you could with a Staedtler or a Pentel. You could paint a portrait with off-brand poster colors, or you could use oil paints to create magic on a canvas. There’s a difference in the quality of your output based on the medium you use. That’s what sets Graft Milk apart from most of the 3D printing filament brands there are today.

For long, 3D filaments have focused on more technical features, like being able to be printed seamlessly without strands of plastic ruining surface texture, or being easy to remove off your printer’s print-bed… but the guys behind Graft Milk realized what truly was lacking in this particular market. You see, printing filament is just like any art medium. A filament’s quality should not be limited to its physical property, but should also consider an artist’s aesthetic needs. Graft Milk’s PLA filaments come in a beautiful set of pastel colors, unlike off-the-shelf filaments and their standard reds, blues, greens, and blacks. Graft Milk’s filaments are a spectrum of colors that mimic natural materials like terracotta, sandstone, and marble, and are custom-engineered to be printed with a beautiful matte finish, making prints really showcase contours and details beautifully.

Graft Milk’s filaments were designed to not be coated with a layer of primer and paint. Their beautiful color palette and matte printing makes prints look absolutely eye-poppingly beautiful right off the print-bed. Custom-made for artists and designers, Graft Milk’s filaments are akin to having a great set of Copic markers, or oil paints, rather than being stuck with a hideous set of RGB color pencils. Available in 10 wonderful colors, these filaments can be used to print products that can go right from the print-bed to the mantelpiece, or even to the store shelf. No sanding, primer-coating, and spray-painting needed. Go ahead and directly print your matte masterpiece!

Designer: Douglas Larsen

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Graft Milk – The New Art Filament

The world’s first premium 3D printing filament created specifically with designers and artists in mind. Graft Milk has come out with a palette of ten complementary colors, all with a delicate prototype-ready matte finish.

The video above showcases how a scan of a Roman sculpture displayed at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art from an iPhone scan was recreated in Mustard Dust.

It captures every minute detail, every fine layer, every curve you have designed.

Colors You Want

Click Here to Buy Now: $25.