These acoustic columns are designed to be decorative and sound-absorbing

If your ears are particular to the way sound flows in a room, then you’re probably not always so comfortable in spaces where acoustics aren’t really well thought about by the architects and designers. For regular office spaces, this isn’t really a priority but having pleasant acoustics can add to the productivity of employees. It should be a balance between not being too soundproof and also not being too noisy. This new eco-friendly product is an option for those who are looking for a multi-purpose accessory they can add to the space that can provide acoustics and even other things.

Designer: Narbutas

The Parthos is an acoustic column that was designed to be part of the decoration of your space and at the same time providing you with better acoustics. It is able to muffle high, medium, and low frequency sounds to give you a more pleasant and relaxing aural environment. The columns are made of textile offcuts that have are good sound-absorbing materials and covered with PET felt that is able to enhance that. The patterns for the columns are also able to disperse some of the sound waves.

There are four variants of the Parthos that you can choose from. There’s just the plain acoustic column that just performs its main purpose. It’s available in three different heights that you can mix and max. There’s also the version that has space for potted plants in case you also wan it to be decorative. You can also add hooks for the other variant so you can use it for hanging coats, handbags, and other accessories you may need to hang. There’s also a version that has a power socket so you can charge your smart devices as needed.

The materials used are sustainable as they used upholstery cutoffs that are left over from other manufacturing projects instead of new foam. The PET felt is 50% off recycled plastic. The acoustic columns are also pretty easy to disassemble and recycle when it reaches its end of life. The available colors are muted but that should fit right in with most office environments.