Domes created from banana boats protect endangered sea turtles while balancing their population

You really do learn something new every day if you just read a lot of things in books or on the Internet. If you’re not yet familiar with sea turtles or you were absent when they discussed them in high school, maybe this is something new for you. The sex of these animals are determined by the warmth of the sand where they are hatched in. If it’s under 27.7°C, they will be born male but if they’re above 31°C, they will be females. Due to global warming, there has been a huge dip in the population of sea turtles and they are now classified as endangered.

Designer: Banana Boat and Wunderman Thompson Colombia

The sunscreen brand is trying to provide a solution to this issue by coming up with a cooler shelter for turtles that will not only protect them from the heat but also cause more male of the species to be born. Nest Domes are inspired by the organic shape of turtle shells themselves and the main purpose is to regulate the temperature on the beach, allowing an equal ration of sea turtles that are born within that space. By providing cooler shelter for turtles and maybe even other species, the domes can ensure that the eco-system is balanced.

The Nest Domes are made from Caribbean wood as their shell but the inside is lined with 100% biodegradable cork that serves as a natural cooling source. The outside uses a light finish so it will be able to reflect the sun’s rays while the windows built in within the domes lets the wind circulate and the hot air to be blown outside. They also use flaxseed oil to coat the dome so it will not be so humid when it’s raining. The fact that most of the material used are locally-sourced contributes to the balance.

Another great thing about this project is that they were able to make the blueprints of the Nest Domes open-sourced. This means that whoever wants to build these domes on their beaches can do so without having to purchase the idea or the actual huts. The goal is to ensure that sea turtles will not become extinct because of extreme heat and global warming.