This RWD electric roadster reignites charm of the classic era bygone

Defined by their inherent raw nature, the classic roadsters were defined by their aesthetic elegance, elongated hood and absence of fixed roof. Their timeless design showcases the craftsmanship of a bygone era and the spirited driving experience for automotive enthusiasts. Modern reinterpretations of classic roadsters are inevitable and this concept complements the enduring appeal to transcend generations.

This concept developed for GAC Concept Car Culture Series resonates with the bold appeal of 1970s roadsters that marked a golden era for the genre of vehicles. Christened GAC CCS1, the ultra-modern roadster has retracting roof unlike the ones we’ve seen thus far. It slides horizontally back into the housing to open-up the two-seater configuration. That means it is only meant to be driven with no roof on configuration.

Designer: Alexis Poncelet

The rear wheel motor propels this electric performance roadster forward with elegance. It’s like a push-back toy car but with life-like proportions. Contoured yet sharp lines flowing down the length lend this car a harmonious appealing aesthetic. Glued close to the tarmac and aided by a spoiler, the electric roadster should have excellent traction and stability control.

Performance is at the heart of the GAC CCS1. The selection boasts powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and intelligent drivetrain technology, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience. Whether navigating tight roads or accelerating on open highways, the electric roadster delivers impressive performance and precise handling.

When viewed from an elevated position, the concept has a flat look, while the side profile reveals a very sharp character. I’d even go the length to deem this a sliced bullet cruising through urban landscapes, catching glances from all sides.