Hold On to Your Briefcases

The VT36, is geared towards business professionals looking for a unique transportation alternative to the gridlocked streets of seaside cities like New York, Singapore, Shangai, and Dubai. The bullet shaped 36′ long speed yacht aims to provide a quick link between marina systems & business districts while providing simple comfort to passengers. Swivel seats can be adjusted for face-to-face meetings on the run, or positioned forward for windblown wake up call before the A.M. shift.

Designer: Hyun-Seok Kim


  • R2 says:

    Perfect for the business traveler that doesn’t need to look put together and can afford to be wind blown before work.

  • Bauski says:

    I second that comment. What more is required for a meeting-facility than allowing for the seatings to be facing each other? You won’t even have to flip the pages on your flip-chart yourself, the wind is taking care of that…hello eco-friendliness!!!

  • R2 says:

    “Okay, guys… who forgot the paper weights?”

  • stefano says:

    i would like to read the title on the newspaper…ahaha!! Which kind of boat is it?

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