LAYER Design X Samsung’s 10,000mAh power bank explores maximum power in a minimal form

With its ambient, minimalist design that takes cues from nature, the Samsung Battery Pack sits perfectly on your work desk, blending in but standing out as a power bank with a uniquely different aesthetic. Designed in collaboration with LAYER Design, the battery pack boasts an organic shape that exudes a natural essence. Its pebble-like appearance is enveloped in a speckled plastic material that feels soft to the touch, adding a human touch to the device. The rounded shape gets sliced flat at one end, creating a surface for the charging ports. This asymmetrical design fits snugly in the hand, providing an enhanced and ergonomic user experience.

Designers: LAYER X Samsung

To reinforce the Samsung Battery Pack’s stone-like design, it comes with a beige, speckled plastic outer housing that has a smooth, matte finish reminiscent of a pebble or polished stone. The battery pack feels great in the hand, thanks to its curved surfaces (like an exaggerated version of Samsung’s own phones which come with rounded edges). The flat surface on the bottom allows the power bank to stand vertically when not in use (although don’t expect it to be stable), and an engraved “10” on the battery pack’s surface lets users quickly identify that the battery pack has a capacity of 10,000 mAh.

The Samsung Battery Pack with a capacity of 10,000 mAh and 25W power output is a high-performance device that offers speedy charging on the go. Equipped with Super Fast Charging technology, it can instantly boost the power of your devices and recharge just as quickly. The Battery Pack is designed with dual-port charging capability, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, such as your phone and earbuds, for added convenience and less hassle.

“We are proud to have partnered with Samsung since the very beginnings of LAYER. The new Battery Pack is a small part of a larger collaboration, and it is exciting to release the first of many products we are working on,” says Benjamin Hubert, founder of LAYER. “The Samsung Battery Pack is accessible, functional, and simple yet instantly identifiable and memorable, bringing a little bit of joy to the everyday.” The Samsung Battery Pack starts at $34.99 and is available globally in select outlets.