This personalized greeting card with LCD display is the latest way to wish people

In a world that’s transitioning from wishing people with cards, to wishing people by sending them videos and selfies, Lalaframe provides the perfect combination of both experiences. This $25 card comes with an LCD display, a speaker, 512mb of storage, and a battery that lasts roughly an hour with constant use. In other words, it’s two things. It’s the world’s coolest gift card… But it’s also the world’s most affordable tablet!

The Lalaframe looks like any card from the outside, albeit a little thicker thanks to the hidden electronics… but open it and the LCD screen inside comes to life, playing a personalized message that’s been uploaded to its memory card. The message could be either a video shot on your phone, or a slideshow of snippets that you made on a computer. The Lalaframe can read all standard video formats (AVI, MP4, 3GP, and WMV), and the 7″ LCD screen is a pretty unique way of communicating a personalized message, be it either in voice, song, or text. The card comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to an hour (based on how heavy your video file is) that charges via a MicroUSB port.

Unlike most novelty cards, the Lalaframe can actually be reused again. Adding a video to it is as simple as connecting it to a laptop or desktop and dragging and dropping files. Old files can be deleted and replaced with newer videos whenever you want to re-gift the card… or be like me and add downloaded episodes of your favorite TV show to have your own video playback machine (I’m kidding, don’t pirate stuff, kids). All in all, the Lalaframe is a unique way of delivering a touching video message that won’t get buried in your phone’s camera roll or get deleted after 24 hours.

The frame comes in three varieties. One with a heart theme, one with a birthday theme, and a blank template for any occasion of your choice. A pretty impactful way to get your message across, the Lalaframe makes for some incredibly lasting birthday messages, anniversaries, wedding/engagement announcements, seasons’ greetings, or just telling someone you love them. At its remarkably low early-bird price of $25 (find me any video playback device that’s this affordable, I dare you), the Lalaframe is one-of-a-kind not just because of the ability to play back video greetings, but also because it’s so much better than shelling out a fiver for a crummy Hallmark card with a stock photo and a cheesy slogan on it, am I right?!

Designer: Neda Fattahi

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $50 (50% Off).

Lalaframe – A Greeting Card for the 21st Century

A modern, fun and personal greeting card that literally speaks for itself. “We were fed up with all the impersonal mass-created greeting cards and wanted to make a card that is customizable and reflective of us and our relationships,” Fattahi told Yanko Design.

Below: How It Works

1. Take a video.

Have full control over what goes into your greeting card. Whether you want to shoot a video with your iPhone, sing a song, or compile a series of photos from past memories, you have the choice to truly make it your own. Be as weird and corky as your heart desires.

2. Upload it on the card.

Simply use the USB cable that comes with the card to upload your file. Connect the card to your computer and drop the file in the folder. Voila!

3. Surprise!

Surprising someone special and making a loved one smile is one of the greatest joys of life. and let’s be honest, we all love a good surprise.

“When we are surprised, our emotions intensify up to 400 percent.” -Tania Luna

What’s In the Inside

Their video cards consist of a 7″ LCD screen, a speaker, a 512 MB memory card to store content, plus a rechargeable battery that will last between 30-60 minutes per (constant) use. The memory can store a video with an approximate duration of 25 minutes, the duration depends on the quality of the video. A high quality video shot with a professional DSLR camera can be up to 15 minutes long.

Three Different Designs to Choose From

Their I love you card is their –make your loved one smile- special. They have a limited number of 40 that we are shipping out as soon as we have the first lalaframes made.

Happy Birthday cards are available too! Wishing a happy birthday to a dear friend or a loved one doesn’t have to be boring.

And of course a white blank card. Do as your heart desires. This card is ready to be customized by you. You can paste a photograph on it. Write a poem or put minion stickers on it. Or just leave it blank for a super minimal (Marie Kondo style) look. whatever you feel like.

Recharge & Reuse!

Lalaframe is not a single-use card. Their cards are meant to be reusable, the battery is rechargeable and the card can be used and passed on as many times as you’d like. You don’t have to keep the card and put it next to the pile of paper greeting cards, you can just keep the video on your computer, and then pass on the card and share the love.


Name any occasion and Lalaframe can be used as a personal and unique gift. Uses are truly limitless:

– Father’s day / Mother’s day gift
– Anniversary present
– Christmas card
– Valentine’s day surprise
– Birthday card
– Baby news
– Graduation announcement
– Promotional / marketing material
– Goodbye note to a colleague
– A wedding, bridesmaid, or bar mitzvah invitation, to being used to simply make someone smile and feel special.
– Breaking-up with your significant other and making it less awkward for you both.
– Bye Bye! Letting your parents know you are going to be quitting your job and traveling for a year.
– Breaking the news of your new baby to your family.

Video Formats That You Can Use

Most video formats work on lalaframe cards, such as : AVI/MP4/3GP/WMV or full format. For best results, use a standard 16:9 widescreen ratio for the video, (youtube video ratio).

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $50 (50% Off).