Gear bag is flexible, collapsible, and modular – perfect for outdoor adventurers

When you do a lot of traveling outdoors with various gear or you have events where you need storage boxes for your stuff, boxes and bags are your life. By now you probably have your go-to boxes and bags and a storage system to help you carry all your materials and gear. But you probably still have a wishlist of what that bag or system can have to make your life easier. That’s where product designers sometimes get their inspiration from, wishing that existing things can become better.

Designer: Tony Richardson, Andre Charland, Jamie Bond

The result of all their brainstorming and prototyping is Rux, a gear container that is simple but sort of modular and flexible. It is also durable enough to hold all your stuff can is soft-sided so you can fold it and pack it up when you’re not using it during your trip or event. It has several components that you can easily put together and comes with additional accessories that you can add to it to organize all your gear. It can be a good companion for fishing trips, camping adventures, cross-country road trips, and various events where you need gear boxes.

Rux is a gear box with the main body made from TPU coated nylon that is weather resistant and pretty easy to clean. The material also allows you to compress it and pack flat when it’s not needed. It has a lid with easy access folds and made from compressed eva foam. It comes with removable side handle straps and nylon webbing straps if you want to carry it as a tote, shoulder bag, or backpack. There is also a clear window so you can see what you’ve put inside, in case you’ll be using multiple gear boxes.

You can also get some other accessories that you can attach to the bag/box either on the outside or inside through the utility rim and rails. There’s a pocket bag, nesting divider tote bag, and a waterproof bag in case you need to separate wet and dry items. Even though the body looks soft so it can be lighter, it also looks pretty durable and sturdy, at least from the video and photos that we see. It can hold about 50 lbs worth of stuff and has a dimension of 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 inches. The Rux 70L main bag is around $298 with the additional bags and other materials sold separately.